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Scare at CSU where the annual Thyagaraja Aradhana festival is being held in Cleveland as the Police hunt for a killer

Scare at Cleveland State University for Thyagaraja Aradhana participants

Cleveland State University, Cleveland where the Annual Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival is being held, had a scare when the campus went into lockdown mode for...
Paswan inspired by PM's speech on Food Wastage

Paswan’s idea spells hard cheese for restaurateurs

Government to define portion sizes of food served in hotels and restaurants The Narendra Modi regime seems determined to make the lives of...
Hanuman Ji, anchor of my life

Remembering Hanuman ji on his Jayanti

Seeking the blessing of Lord Hanuman Ji on his Jayanti Sudhir Bisht recalls how he was saved from death by drowning in Atlantic...
Tourism Or Terrorism

J&K: Tourism Or Terrorism

Tourism or Terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir April 2, 2017, was a historic day in the developmental history of Jammu & Kashmir. That...
The case for building Ram Mandir has changed from a Title dispute to a fundamental right to worshipvideo

Ram Mandir case changed from Title dispute to a Fundamental right to worship

[youtube] Turns the dispute from a title to a fundamental right to worship Detailed update on how the case to build Ram Mandir at Ayodhya...
Give up claim on Ram Temple land

Here’s why Muslims should give up claim on Ram temple land

Give up the claims on Ram temple land As someone who was born in Delhi and lived in the Central government’s housing colonies in New...
Migrants undermining culture

Kannadigas and their culture under Assault

Migrants undermining Kannadigas and their Culture Walk down Brigade Road or take a stroll in Bengaluru’s most famous parks – Cubbon Park and...

HinduOdium: A conversation with Satish Sharma on Caste in UK

Talk with Satish Sharma about British Hindu community What is HinduOdium? “Odium” is a Latin word, it means essential to have an irrational hatred...
The Left and the Church cast a large shadow on Sahitya Akademi; high time this is changed to be fair and merit based

Left domination of India’s Cultural Institutions – Part 1 Sahitya Akademi

The Ministry of Culture needs to ensure that the rich culture of Indian and the real Indian writers and artists are recognized and honored....
Is it Hindutva that binds India together, having survived 1000 years of foreign occupation? If so what is it?

Savarkar, Swamy and Hindutva

Defining Hindu, Hinduism and “who is a Hindu” has mystified many till date. Some have broadly defined Hinduism as the “way of life” and...

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