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What is Halal, and why should you be worried about it?

From many years several activists in several countries have risen up against “Halal”. Be it Australia or America or India, all the countries face...
Swachh Bharat

Swachh Bharat lacks both infrastructure and Swachh mind-set

The Swachh project at its outset suffers from certain flaws An undated photo of Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh urinating on the side of a...
World yoga day

World Yoga Day

Yoga has in recent connotations been associated with incredible health benefits The practice of yoga has swept the world with an enthusiasm never...
President Pranab Mukherjee in hot water

Pranab Mukherjee legalizes bull sport Kambala, amid opposition from PETA & Co.

Despite the ongoing debate on whether sports involving animals should be allowed in India, the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee signed an ordinance...
Discussing yoga with white Hindu

P2 – Discussing the Digestion of Yoga with a White Hindu

Part 1 of this series can be 'accessed ' here. This is Part 2. From the standpoint of Westerners, Louise says she can empathize with...
The Money Ceiling

The Money Ceiling

The fear that binds us to wealth is the uncertainty of its true role in our lives My grandfather was a buccaneering entrepreneur. People...

भारतीयों, अपनी संस्कृतियों और परम्पराओं को ‘रिलिजन’ कह कर अमृत को विष न बनाओ!

रिलिजन एक विनाशकारी अवधारणा है. इस से दूर रहने की आवश्यकता है भारत के वह लोग जिन पर 'हिन्दू' का लेबल लगाया जाता है (a)...
Dharma is perfection

Dharma Shikshaa – The need of the nation

It is important for us to educate Dharma to the students and if possible, the adult citizens of the country too Almost everyone agrees upon...
Swamy seeks clarification from Govt. on GST exemption for Hindu Temple Boards

Swamy seeks clarification on GST implications on Temple Boards. Urges total tax exemption

Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy sought clarifications from Department of Revenue on the implication of GST on Temple Boards and other Hindu Religious institutions....
Ayurvedic Hospitals request streamlining of rules to growth and visibility

Is the Government putting hurdles in the way of Ayurvedic Hospitals?

While the Central Government is going all out to promote Ayurveda, hurdles are still being put by the bureaucracy to hinder the accreditation process...

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