Why is BJP losing the Red States, where it has a strong foothold?

Red state/Blue state

In the US, there are states which always vote Republican, called Red states and states which always vote Democrat, called Blue states. And cities...
Point is that the two communal states, Kerala and West Bengal, also had the most educated and wise Hindus at the turn of the twentieth century. These two Hindu groups fell for the fraud called communism/socialism.

A tale of two states and Communism

1. Bhaskar Menon was a Keralite. He joined Electric and Musical Industries (EMI) records in Kolkata, and soon moved to the US and rose to...
Astounding victory in the Delhi Assembly elections, AAP is now eyeing the national stage. They must realise that while ambition is fine, over-ambition can be fatal.

AAP must concentrate on Delhi, keep national ambitions in check for now

Success in local body elections depends greatly on the network of foot soldiers who are familiar with the topography and demography of the region. Encouraged...