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This is one of the main categories. Under this fall several such as Banking, Investing, Stocks, Black Money etc.


What can we do to help Baluchistan win independence? Did India rebuff them? How did India let down the Frontier Gandhi? How will Pakistan look like ten years from now? What is WEEP and why does Pakistan not realise this looming disaster? All these and many other plots and twists of how India missed an opportunity to keep Kalat with it. A must watch!video

In P2 Tilak Devasher explains why the minorities in Pakistan are sitting ducks &...

Part 1 can be watched at - In Part 1 author Tilak Devasher talks about Pakistan, an artificial and now, failing construct
Time for the Modi government to mend its style of functioning – a good bill now lays waste

Modi Government again budges to the farmers, allows Tractor Rally on Republic Day

Tractor rally allowed at three different protest points in the Delhi borders The Narendra Modi Government again budged to protesting farmers by allowing them to...
With some mixed messages from the United States, other countries are scrambling to secure a hold on their future. Janet Yellen said one thing a few days ago, only to reverse herself. Now in an interview with the New York Times, President Biden has indicated that he might waive the tariffs that the Trump Govt. had imposed on Chinese imports. With other rollbacks such as taxes, should the people of the US be concerned? Or will they flip flop again? Watch this hangout with Sridhar Chityala to find out.video

#EP81 In 4 days Biden has indicated China tariff may exit & flip flops...

References: Yellen leaves door open to keep China tariffs - for now - but says US needs to work with allies | Fox Business
9th round of talks conclude with no progress

After inconclusive ninth military talks, India and China agree to conduct further talks for...

The ninth round of military-level talks between India ended with no breakthrough Nothing significant evolved in the ninth round of military-level talks between India and...
Forceful arguments on why Jammu must be separated from Kashmir

Kashmir’s appeasement shrinking BJP’s support-base in Jammu

BJP emerged as the single largest party in the UT of J&K It’s true that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) emerged as the single largest party...
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