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Subramanian Swamy raises five questions before the Parliamentary panel on the controversial AIIMS report on Sushant Singh Rajput death case

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy raised five questions on the All India Institute of Medical Science’s (AIIMS) controversial report on the mysterious death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput before the Parliamentary Committee. Swamy has raised five questions before the Parliamentary panel on how the AIIMS forensic team led by Dr. Sudhir Gupta concluded suicide as the reason via the death and leakages in the media. Swamy said that Ramgopal Yadav, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health Ministry has agreed to send his detailed questionnaire on the doubts about the controversial AIIMS report to the Secretary of the Health Ministry.

“I had sent a letter as below to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Health regarding the SSR Post-mortem report and AIIMS media reported findings. What transpired I shall update shortly. A copy of my letter will be sent on Twitter soon. After the condolence meets expressing sorrow on Ram Vilas Paswan’s demise, the Committee adjourned to meet on October 16th. Then Chairman told me that my letter to him is being sent to Health Secretary to hear my doubts on the AIIMS Forensic Team media released findings,” said Swamy. In a series of tweets on Friday, uploading the three-page letter. Swamy’s letter is published below this article. BJP leader said that he is raising these questions as the matter is in the public interest.

In view of the above whether the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has considered whether this matter needs to be sent to the Medical Board of the Ministry?

The five questions Subramanian Swamy placed before the Parliamentary panel on the controversial AIIMS report terming the death of Sushant Singh Rajput as suicide are:

  1. Whether the AIIMS team did a post-mortem on the body of Sushant Singh Rajput or was only forming an opinion about the post-mortem report done already by the doctors of Cooper Hospital? I believe the AIIMS team did not have the opportunity of examining the body of Sushant Singh as it had already been cremated.
  2. Whether Dr. Sudhir Gupta was advised by higher authorities in the Ministry to give media interviews even before the AIIMS Special team report had been submitted?
  3. Whether the AIIMS team examined the evidence of destruction, the hurried and truncated post-mortem by the Dr at Cooper Hospital, and the non-sealing of the scene of the crime, by the Mumbai Police?
  4. Overall was there insufficient material from a forensic medical point of view for this AIIMS team taking a definite opinion on a cause of death, due to these above-mentioned lacunae?
  5. In view of the above whether the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has considered whether this matter needs to be sent to the Medical Board of the Ministry?

Subramanian Swamy’s three-page letter to the Parliamentary panel is published below this article:

Dr Subramanian Swamy letter to Ramgopal Yadav by PGurus on Scribd

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  • Team PGurus, two stories I'd like you to cover soon before the US elections on Nov 3rd.

    1. Jayapal is pushing for green cards expansion. Will Indians be fooled by this or should we still vote her out?

    2. WION news was great but now I'm seeing them carrying news from the New York Times. Have they sold out? I see wionnews also talking about upper caste men gang rape in hatras. What's the story here?

    • Charles Shobraj, international criminal who was lodged in Tihar Jail, walked past officials on his birthday. His comment “Indians in power are a purchasable commodity, and the price varies “. Even the most so called nationalists, can be purchased at a price. Our sages have proved this. Life of a honest man is struggle till end. Evil has always ruled the world as shown in our epics where Rama and Pandavas led a struggled life with sufferings where as Kauravas and Ravana led a majestic and prosperous life. Evil person is like a chameleon and a good man distributes happiness. It is for us to judge and choose happiness or sugar coated happiness by evil but karma is applicable to all, hence we have misery and wars through out history so evil people ( including Indians ) lead a torturous life in next birth in other countries. Game doesn’t end with one life.

      P Jaipal, K Harris, Ilhan Omar and Rashid are all Lady trumpeting Democrats and are India and hindu haters. The first two were born Hindus and next two refugees from Muslim countries.They are mirror images of Mamata Didi. Indian politicians , mainly BJP should attend primary schools who teach international politics and refrain from hugging.

  • There is lacunae in Page Two of Dr Swamy's letter dt.08-10-2020 addressed to Shri Ram Gopal Yadav, Chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi, ie. Non scene of crime by Bombay Police. There is NO Bombay. Now It is officially known as MUMBAI. So it should be substituted with Mumbai Police on or before next meeting of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health & Family Welfare on 16th October 2020.

  • Like Tareeq pe tareeq, committee pe committee is not the solution. Whip CBI system ,supposed to be under Modi, truth will be vomited. No doubt someone is playing games. Accusing Dr. Gupta is childish. If Dr Gupta didn’t leak info, CBI would have closed the file by now treating it as suicide. Why did he leak info. Two reasons, to warn Advocate, bhai my hands are tied, you and I know the truth, better go for another opinion, or go to court and get international report. Second, as per Vikas ,Advocate, Gupta locked in cases and got back his chair ,was saved by Vikas colleague and a influential member of NCP ( late ). What are options left for SSR family.

    If CBI allows another test, they will get incomplete report and game is back to square one.All Indian Govnt doctors will protect their ilk.
    If CBI sits on file, better Vikas go to court, produce international report and prove botch by AIIMS and humiliate them. Court will be forced to appoint another team. If report proves homicide, CBI will be forced to act.
    To prove homicide, CBI have to identify killers and better they trace them or they may have already got clues.Personally I feel CBI has best talented officers.

    Dr.Gupta like any govnt employee has to save his job and also satisfy his godfathers. He is very very smart and to be applauded for doing a balancing act.Every govnt employee is forced to satisfy his betenoir, which is the practice in India. Ball is now with PMO to whom CBI reports. Best for S Swamy to do is meet CBI director and get the truth out instead of wasting time with parliament committees as these committees will appoint another committee of doctors who will appoint another committee of specialists who will approach another foreign consultants as happened in Sunanda cases.

  • Parliament is adjourned.
    Mr. Yadav is taking a break.
    Letter will be taken up in Winter session
    If necessary, please allow/budget for time extension upto Nirmala's Budget session
    And hope there is enough of the economy left to have one

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