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Recent major attacks in Germany

A string of bloody attacks have rocked Germany of late, setting the nerves of its public on edge and raising concerns about safety and...

Investment opportunities for Germany in Latin America, Caribbean

ECLAC encourages Germany to invest in LatAm, Caribbean Germany should seize opportunities to invest in Latin America and the Caribbean, said Alicia Barcena, executive...

Global implications of Brexit

Brexit stands for Britain exiting the European Union.  On June 23, 2016, Britain held a referendum on whether to exit the European Union.  The...

Indian companies must take advantage of German Gmbh registration

PG Staff Bengaluru, Oct 31 Indian companies and startups should set up shop in Germany to take advantage of its private limited (Gmbh) registration, said...

Grexit implications

R.Vaidyanathan Professor of Finance-IIMB For those who came late – Grexit is short hand for Greece exiting or getting kicked out of the Euro zone of...

Where is the next financial crisis going to happen?

Sree Iyer The Dow is scaling new heights - NASDAQ and S & P 500 are also trending upwards and the bull market is now...

Facebook ads exploiting the user through nano targeting

Researchers demonstrate that Facebook’s ads technologies may target specific individual According to the paper written by a team of academics and computer scientists from Spain...
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