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Fauji Bhai, an IED expert, had fabricated the Santro Car, fitted with 40-45 kgs of explosives in Pulwama

Repeat of Pulwama terror attack prevented by alert security forces

Mohd Ismail alias Fauji Bhai comes on the radar of security forces in Kashmir A day after the joint teams of CRPF, Jammu and Kashmir...
Part 1 of the series describes the history of how the Archaka system was organised and the lineage of the MirasiArchakas

Why is TTD against the MirasiArchakas?

The Protectors of Rituals and Customs To learn briefly on the MirasiArchakas, here is a recap of my two-part article on Tirumala Issue - Major...
A recent public survey aired by a prominent news channel revealed that the people were by and large satisfied with the measures taken by the Modi government in tackling the pandemic. So for Congress, the publicity stunts have few takers

Congress politics of negativity has no takers

It is time the Congress party let go its politics of negativity The Congress party suffers gravely from a lack of clarity on issues of...