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Kashmir is Indian, not separatist Abdullahs’ Jagir

Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah would do well to realize that Kashmir is not their jagir and that others in Kashmir also have the...




Ramesh Abhishek Agrawal's own Corruption Model in Startup India via 'Beti bachao & Beti badhao'

How Ramesh Abhishek Failed To Deliver On One Of GOI’s best initiatives, Startup India

Parts 1 and 2 of this series can be accessed here. Part 3 is titled Ramesh Abhishek creates his own Make in India via...
Stock Market, Rigging, Co-Location Scam,NSE,BSE,video

Sree Iyer on Stock Markets their function and what is wrong with NSE

Sree Iyer on SEBI ruling Articles on #HFTScam
After eliminating top commanders, security forces to wipe out OGW network of terror outfits

Crackdown on OGW ‘s to choke logistics support

According to the recent report of the state police, "there are over 2300 OGW 's active in the state as against less than 300...
Collapsing Buildings in Mumbai : Price of Moral Degradation of a Society

Collapsing Buildings in Mumbai : Price of Moral Degradation of a Society.

As the tragedy unfolds, media and activists jump in blaming Govt not for enabling initial loot through rent control act, but for not taking...