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Sattology : Mauryan Influence on Greeko-Roman History

Its time for Indian Government to fund researches on subjects such as Sattology to tell the world the correct history. Roman civilization was a polytheistic...

Is Andhra Government robbing Ram to pay Robert and Rahim?

Andhra government is controlling temples, looting them and also in some cases diverting the funds for the welfare of other religions. Andra Pradesh government under...




The Central Government has quickly started the process of forming a trust to oversee the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

Govt starts the process of constituting Ayodhya Ram Temple Trust

With 48 hours of the Ayodhya verdict, the Centre has started the process of setting up a trust, to build a new temple, with...
Normally, the RBI initiates the action after regulatory supervision exposes wrongdoing and if it feels that the financials are weak for it to continue.

PMC Bank and the present status of operation and supervision of urban cooperative banks...

PMC’s collapse is unlikely to impact financial markets or other private/public sector banks as co-operative banks have meagre dealings in money markets as they...
How Shiv Sena jumped into the pit BJP dug for itself?

How Shiv Sena jumped into the pit BJP dug for itself?

Shiv Sena should remember is, a large chunk of Hindu voters now sees Sena as a force that was ready to spoil larger cause,...