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India’s inflation and interest rates through these past 10 years

1. Introduction: The goal of what follows here is to explain that, contrary to the common perception, the interest rates in India are not high...

Will 2019 Be A 1929? – Part 3

The previous parts of the series can be accessed here. This is the third part. When the epitaph of the US Dollar in its current...

Fed may leave the interest rate alone for 2016

We told you so! In an article we wrote several months ago, we predicted that the chance of a rate hike in 2016 was...

Will US interest rate decision help India?

Another month, another Fed meeting and another decision to keep interest rate the same. I had written last October, on the possibility of the United...

Neel Kashkari, Indian-American whose star shines bright in US Politics

Indian-American Neel Kashkari aspires for greater things The appointment of Neel Kashkari, a 42-year old Indian-American and former Treasury Official / Goldman Sachs Investment Banker...

Why the US Fed is not raising rates

Sree Iyer Perhaps one of the most talked about item in the business channels and publications is the date on which the Fed will raise...


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