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There are three nested belts extending out to 23 billion km from the Fomalhaut; that's 150 times the distance of Earth from the Sun

James Webb telescope captures the first asteroid belt outside our solar system

First pic of asteroid belt outside our solar system released Webb' Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) captured the warm dust around the young star Fomalhaut and found...
There is no risk of the asteroid impacting Earth, and even if it did, the small asteroid would disintegrate harmlessly in the atmosphere

Earth to have close encounter with small asteroid this week

NASA Systems predict a small asteroid to pass close by Earth NASA Systems has predicted that an asteroid, about the size of a box truck,...
The data will be analyzed over next few weeks and results will be published in coming months

Scientists send radio signals into space; bounce radio waves off an asteroid that just...

Radio waves could add to asteroid-defence strategy A group of researchers has sent radio signals into space with the purpose of bouncing them off a...


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