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Shanmukh is an engineering academic in North America, focussing on time frequency analysis, medical image analysis & computer vision. His hobby interests include modern Indian history, Sanskrit and demographics. Aparna is an electrical design engineer in North America. Her interests include Indian history,politics,Yoga and cooking. Vikram is a computer science engineer. His hobbies include the design and analysis of algorithms, Indian history and Proto-Indo-European linguistics Arihant is an allopathic physician with interests focused on medicine, history, religion, politics, the multiple ways in which they intersect and influence society, and how this intersection can be tapped to design effective policies. Saswati Sarkar is a professor in the electrical and systems engineering department of the University of Pennsylvania. She authors articles on socio-politics and history of India. Her articles on topics other than those related to her professional expertise are expressed in personal capacity. Dikgaj is an academic mathematician with research interests in game theory, computer science and quantitative applications in humanities, and blogs on history of subcontinent and politics of religion, imperialism, current affairs.
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