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Venkat Krishnan is from temple town of Chidambaram. He graduated from VIT Vellore and is PhD candidate at Rutgers University. He works on innovative approach such as continuous manufacturing to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. He was the lead formulator of #1 cold cough Product in US After working in Big Pharma & MNCs he became a healthcare entrepreneur with his startup VBK Pharma LLC in which provides scale-up, technology transfer expertise specific to healthcare sector and implementation of IT systems to drug development. He has several US Patents related to Drug development in small and biologics vaccine molecules, An avid connoisseur of Eyal, Isai and Naatakam (Literature, Art, Drama) for both Tamizh Sangham and Sanskrit literature. He is avid support of Bharath Kalachar and big supporter of Indian folk dance and music.
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