In the Ram Janmabhoomi case, Dr.Swamy faced difficulties due to opposition from within the Govt. They systematically opposed Dr. Swamy's role for its early hearing in the case. They wanted him out and ignored his valid plea on faith & fundamental right to pray.

Dr. Swamy, the Unstoppable force

It's a known fact that Dr. Swamy was not supported by the present Government in his fight against Corruption and the Ram Janmabhoomi case. Even...
Maha PraheLika: It is time BJP pull Shiv Sena out from the pit

Maha PraheLika: It is time BJP pull Shiv Sena out from the pit

The previous series by Author on Maharashtra politics can be read at - 'How BJP Dig a pit for itself') and 'How Shivsena dug...
SEBI appears to be looking the other way and not looking at serious conflict of interest issues at MCX

Trading in MCX shares: Will SEBI investigate India’s La Rajat Gupta case?

Just imagine. One of your key official partners is a board member of a large listed company, the shares of which you are heavily...
Modi has given us Ayodhya. He has delivered his promise. Let other temples be the promise we make unto ourselves.

A fool and his money are…

All of us are aware of the saying - A fool and his money are soon parted. In the same vein, we must understand...