Christian missionary predators of Mizoram — and Noida!

We do need all-India legislation against the 'conversion' fraud.

Christian missionary predators of Mizoram -- and Noida!
Christian missionary predators of Mizoram -- and Noida!

This is precisely what has been happening in Mizoram since the time it was colonized by the Christian Mission.

In this video[1], Deepanshu Sangwan, the young ‘vlogger’ from Delhi, travels to Lunglei in Mizoram province of India, where he gets to talk with a local called ‘Andrew’ about the influence of ‘Christianity’ in Mizoram.

The conversation is prompted by Deepanshu’s discovery that the Mizo ‘Christians’ are ‘powerful’ enough to shut everything down on Sundays — no commerce, no transport, nothing… eateries don’t serve food, even private taxis aren’t available.

I understand missionaries were able to ‘Christianize’ the majority of the Mizo population in a matter of few decades in the 20th century, destroying in the process the great ethnic diversity of the land. (Thousands of people of the Bru tribe[2] were ethnically cleansed from the same province towards the end of the 20th century.)

It’s common to find a missionary raider accosting an unsuspecting evening walker in a park and starting a conversation whose ultimate purpose is to trap their victim into the Jesus cult.

Andrew tells Deepanshu that the Church has a decisive influence in all matters social and ‘political’ in Mizoram; no local election can be won without having church connections.

Paraphrased, he says: “You cannot have any influence or authority among people unless you are a member of the Church; even if you are an IAS officer, people won’t listen to you unless you derive your authority from the authority that the Church has.”
What Andrew tells Deepanshu delineates the insidiously mafia-like manner in which the Christian Mission takes control of a community or society and chokes off its cultural autonomy, freedom and diversity.

Christian Mission justifies its existence by instilling in people’s mind the falsehood that Christianity was necessitated by the mutual conflicts between various communities — that it was Christianity which unified the mutually incompatible communities/cultures. False ‘sociology/anthropology’ has always been the basis of church planting and ethnocide in a targeted community.

A mafia or crime syndicate works by manipulating to become the main source of ‘protection’ for the targeted community from real or imagined dangers, and then holding the entire community hostage by asking for ‘protection money’ in return for safety. That’s precisely what Christian church does in Mizoram, as can be inferred by Andrew’s description of its influence.

Christianity is the world’s most evil ‘ethnocidal’ (i.e. ‘culture killing’) force because it openly rejects ‘cultural syncretism’ and works on a massive scale to destroy it.

Christianity supplants cultural autonomy and diversity by heteronomy and dreary homogeneity brought about by clerical bureaucracy.

That is precisely what has happened to Mizoram since the time it was colonized by the Christian Mission.
Christian missionary predators are increasingly a nuisance in the locality of Noida city where I live.

Their primary target: the ‘Hindu’ people.

It’s common to find a missionary raider accosting an unsuspecting evening walker in a park and starting a conversation whose ultimate purpose is to trap their victim into the Jesus cult.

I overheard one such conversation between a Christian converter and a woman (sporting a bindi on her forehead) with her very young child in a public park this Saturday afternoon and intervened (successfully, I think).

The Jesus salesman was giving the woman a long (and pretty improbable) spiel on how pandits/jyotishis ‘exploit’ innocent people. I realized then I’d seen the creep earlier – on the prowl in public parks and spinning similar yarns about the evilness of ‘Hindu’ pandits and ultimate saviourship of Jesus.

I ask him which church he has come from.

“Phase two (Noida),” he answers, hoping perhaps he has another potential prey.

I then turn to the woman and tell her (among other things) that the man you’re chatting with wants you to convert to Christianity — that’s the whole purpose of the improbable tale he’s telling you.

The woman seems to understand and nods and smiles to convey her understanding — while the man shtums up.

Shortly thereafter the woman stands up to leave the park — and the man slinks off without saying another word.
That’s nothing compared to the missionary raid we had at our home last August.

I’d posted the following account of this missionary invasion of our home in early September in the comments section of YouTube.

I do feel that unless the people labelled ‘Hindu’ build better defences, they are easy prey to the missionary raiders.

In late August 2019, I found that a middle-aged woman has entered our home after ringing the doorbell that my 10-year-old answered. She said smilingly she wanted to meet ‘aunty’ (my elderly mother who’s mostly bed-ridden).

Thinking she might be known to my mother, I didn’t say anything. Also because this woman kept saying that she often meets ‘uncle’ (my father) in the park.

I offered her water while she sat with my mother in her room, started a chat, and sounded concerned about her health and well-being.

Thinking she must be one of those people who want to earn some punya by going out of their way to be nice to the elderly, I proceeded to make tea for her and my mother, all the while catching some words and phrases of her chat coming from my mother’s room.

Ten minutes into her chat, I realized she was talking about things like how ‘Parameswar is concerned about you’ and how much ‘Parameswar loves you’.

That made me agog and a bit perturbed by the possibility that I might inadvertently have allowed a Christian missionary inside our home, even though (I thought) it was also possible that she belonged to the Brahma Kumaris sect which I am well acquainted with and one of whose centres we have near our residence.

So I made greater effort to overhear what she was telling my mother and soon realized she was indeed a Christian missionary.

It was a disturbing thought that a stranger is inside my home trying to ensnare my mother into the evil cult of Jesus! It had never happened in my life before. I felt as if the missionary predators had finally been able to breach our defences.

I realized at that point that this stranger was not previously known to my mother and her refrain that she often met my father in the park was her pretext for this raid at our residence. (I learnt later that she did meet my father in the park once or twice and gave him a pocket Bible.)

Not that I was entirely unprepared to confront a Christian missionary — having spent a lot of time in the last few years thinking and reading up on the ethnocidal ways of Christianity and writing about it.

Within about five minutes of her ‘Parameswar-loves-you’ humbug, I decided to turn off the gas-stove (no tea for a missionary raider!) and confront her.

I interrupted her chat calmly by asking her whether she has come from the church which is at a stone’s throw away from our housing society.

She: No, no, no… I have not come from the church… I have just come here to meet aunty… I live nearby and often meet uncle in the park; so I felt like meeting aunty…

Me: So you go regularly to the church or only on Sundays…?

She: I have not come from the church… I am actually a Sharma brahmin… but I do believe in Jesus… One can go to the church… for developing fellowship…

Me: You are brahmin and you go to the church…?

She: Who said I am a brahmin?

Me: You said you are a Sharma brahmin only about five seconds ago…

She: Does one cease to be a brahmin if one goes to the church?

Me: So what’s the point of going to a church and still calling oneself a brahmin? Won’t your God love you and be concerned about you if you don’t go to the church? Doesn’t your God have a presence in this room? Or is this room completely devoid of your God’s influence and reach? Won’t those like us who don’t go to a church for “fellowship” have the benefit of God’s love and concern?

And what kind of “fellowship” is this that demands that you leave your natural fellowship or community in which you were given birth by your mother bearing incredible pain and brought up by your parents and you had all kinds of loving relations – brothers, sisters, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces, friends, acquaintances…?

Your entire being is because of this natural fellowship in which you were born and brought up to be a sensible human being with sanskars? When you already have this fellowship, what does a “church fellowship” mean and what can it give you?

What kind of fraud is this “church fellowship” that claims to give you something that you already have and gives you a “fellowship” that you can get only by abandoning your natural fellowship?

This is part of the whole exchange I had with the woman, reproducing which would take up another 600 words.

Overall I think I had this ‘debate’ well under control and this woman had hardly anything sensible to say to defend what she had sneakily been intending to achieve by raiding our home.

So she tried to shame me on my invoking of the concept of ‘sanskars’ (with me arguing that our natural fellowship or community gives us absolutely everything that we need: loving care, socialization, relationships, physical comforts, and most importantly ‘sanskars’.)

She: The way you are talking to me, I can see very well what kind of sanskars you have…

Me: I still must have better sanskars than someone who is deluded enough to think there is some stupid thing called “fellowship” of a church that one can get by abandoning one’s natural community which gave one everything one needed? Enough now, please get out of my home at once!

I told her twice or thrice to leave my home. She continued stubbornly to sit with my mother for another 7-8 minutes and then proceeded to leave.

While she left, she tried some more virtue signalling and trying to make me feel how savage I have been to a messenger of Godly love and compassion, but I didn’t allow her any more conversation — and even shouted a few slogans as she made her way out of my house!

That’s how I handled a missionary raider, but I do feel that unless the people labelled ‘Hindu’ build better defences, they are easy prey to the missionary raiders. We do need all-India legislation against the ‘conversion’ fraud.



[2] Ground Zero | Being Bru in Mizoram Dec 15, 2018,

Kapil Bajaj is a freelance journalist and blogger based in Noida (NCR-Delhi). He has worked in the past for the Press Trust of India (PTI), India Today Group, Governance Now magazine (Sri Adhikari Brothers or SAB), Indo-Asian News Service (IANS), and other organizations. He blogs at Kapil's Blog Spot.


  1. M from Rajasthan I belong to a middle class family 😊 if someone gave me uk us citizenship or a job. I accept Christianity .. Dil se

  2. मैं स्वयं इस विषय पर शोध कर रहा हूं । संभव है कि कपिल बजाज ने बहुत अधिक लोगों से बात न की हो और उनके आकलन में त्रुटि भी हो । परंतु मूल कथ्य दोषमुक्त है। अनेक मामलों में ईसाई संस्कृति संहारक हैं । यदि विश्वास न हो तो Cathenine Nikse की पुस्तक ‘The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World’ पढ़िए । इसमें दो राय नहीं कि मिजोरम में चर्च का प्रभाव वहां की सरकार से भी अधिक है और चर्च का राजनीतिक क्षेत्र में व्यापक हस्तक्षेप है । पर मूल प्रश्न है कि ईसाई दूसरों को अपने में मिलाना ही क्यों चाहते हैं ? यही ईसाइयत की सबसे बड़ी कमजोरी है । जब तक ईसाइयत दूसरों को अपने में शामिल करता रहेगा तब तक दूसरों को तो छोड़िए स्वयं अच्छे ईसाइयों से भी ईसाइयत सम्मान नहीं पा सकेगी । यह अकारण नहीं है कि आज अमरीका, ब्रिटेन, जर्मनी, फ़्रांस आदि देशों में हजारों-लाखों ने ईसाइयत को अलविदा कह दिया है । ब्रिटेन के हजारों चर्चों को रेस्तराँ और फ़्लैट में बदल दिया गया है । अमरीका में लगभग 10,000 चर्च प्रतिवर्ष नष्ट होने के कगार पर आ जाते हैं । अब ईसाई ही ईसाइयत को नहीं पूछते ।

  3. Fucking bastard , why put an image of cathoic church and mix it with business minded evangelicals who are doing the stuff you mentioned. Have some sense before writing something. Putting up a fucking channel run by an asshole who stays in California and writing shit just from oneside without knowing the complete truth.

    • Before we blacklist you, we want to show this comment as an example of what should not be posted here. Begone, you moron.

  4. As a person from a field of research and Mizoram, I must say that making conclusions from an interview of only one person is unreliable and is not representative of the opinion of all the people in Mizoram. This article is highly biased and the sources is also not credible. Christianity is not ethnocidal and being in ‘fellowship’ is not synonymous to abandoning one’s family, culture or ethnicity. Mizoram has always been badly represented and journalist have this habit of writing about us without really knowing about us, which can be quite disheartening. Also, Bru were never ethnically cleansed, they were taken care by the Mizo, they were sheltered, given education etc. They themselves revolt and even wrongly accused us at the United Nations which they altered on apologized to us. There are many more to say but please do a deeper research if you’re a journalist and is writing about something as sensitive as this?

  5. I had some what experience in Chennai. A retired christian services officer came to my house one morning introducing himself. He had a leather brief in his hand. I had never met him earlier. being a co retired service officer I offered all courtesies. For a while he started talking about pension/ investments and took out a copy of pocket bible after checking from me if I had read the bible? I took it for reading and knew what was his intention. They are good sales men and take on poor Hindus as they are easy pray. They do it in a well planned systematic smooth way by providing educational institutions, hospitals, and money. They do serve humanity as compared to our Hindu organisations. I am not aware if they have converted any Muslim??

    • I don’t think giving people to read a Bible is someone trying to fool you. They are just handing you the basis of their faith and asking you to read it to see if it’s something that would interest you. After all, religion is and should be something personal. Your belief in something is entirely personal and no one can force you to believe in something that you don’t. It should be a matter of personal choice to choose whatever religion you want to follow. Just like it’s a personal choice to not follow any religion. Plus, technically the reason why real Christian missionaries talk about their God and want you to follow their God isn’t for selfish reasons or to increase their numbers. It’s because Jesus said to love your neighbours, even your enemies as you love yourself. And that only by following Jesus’s footsteps will you be able to go to heaven. Therefore, the real missionaries do it because in their eyes you will be going to hell if you don’t follow Jesus and they want you to go to heaven. They go out of their way to teach about Jesus knowing full well they will face many atrocious things only because they don’t want people to go to hell. Generally these missionaries have the worst life. They are often abused physically, imprisoned (not so much these days due to freedom of religion and all that), reduced to live in porverty and even murdered like the Graham Staines family. But they do it knowing that all these things could happen to them because it is their belief that your soul will go to hell if you don’t follow Jesus and they don’t want that to happen to anyone.

      • “They are just handing you the basis of their faith and asking you to read it to see if it’s something that would interest you.”

        Did you read the article? No influence unless affiliated with the church.

        Put another way, this is subversion, not conversion. The church is under the authority of, and owes its allegiance to, foreigners.

  6. Hello Kapil,

    I am Nilesh from Goa.

    The incident you mentioned here, reminds me of a similar experience 6 months back at my home.

    Just to give you a brief, my elder brother owns a patho lab and has a sample collection centre in a small verandah at our entrance. Samples collected are taken to his laboratory in the city for testing. Because of the nature of his business, we have people coming almost entire day either for sampling or for report collection from 6 am to 10 pm except for some hours in the noon, i.e 2:00pm to 4:00pm…

    One Sunday, a gentleman comes to our entrance at around 11:00 am and greets me. I open the gate thinking he has come for sampling or report collection and allow him inside. I signal him to sit on chairs placed in the verandah. He starts a conversation with me asking about me and my work etc… I just give him brief answers showing my disinterest… But he persists on asking me more questions and finally hands over some pamphlets.

    I was shocked to see the pamphlets containing all sorts of details of Christianity and how it is the only way to survival, happiness etc…

    Holding them in my hand I requested the gentleman that we had a family function to attend and we’re about to leave. He smiled and left. I just ignored this act as it has been happening in Goa for years.

    You won’t believe, the same person came the next weekend at home and started enquiring about me. I was out on a trip with my friends. My father knowing what had happened the earlier week informed him I was out for a trip. That man started asking for my phone number so he could contact me. My father kept his calm and told him upright ” We are not interested in his offer and also warned him not to come again at our residence”.

    I am a Brahmin belonging to the priest community. I mentioned this to some of my friends including Christians. To my disappointment, none of my Christian friends objected to this behaviour by their fellow practitioner, instead suggest me to ignore. Just because I am firm on my principles/ belief, I could keep myself away from this conversion tactics. But, what about the other people who easily fall prey to these tricks is the question.

    Anti conversion law should be brought in as soon as possible to curb this menace


    • I really don’t understand why you’re so offended. If you’re so firm in your belief, why should it matter when someone talks about their faith to you? Same goes for other people. Why should it matter if a person choses to be a hindu one day, a Buddhist the next or a follower of Greek deities the day after? I think everyone should be free to follow whatever religion they want. Why be concerned for people who you think aren’t as firm in their belief in your religion, who you say will be easier to convert when it’s just a matter of their own choice? If they aren’t as strong in their belief in your religion, if they find something that appeals to them more, why is that any concern of yours? I really never understood why people get so angry when someone they know convert to a religion they’re not on board with. Your belief is your own. No one else but you can decide what you believe. I’ve been brought up as a Christian myself but I don’t call myself a Christian because of my doubts. That’s my personal choice. But if I started learning about lord Buddha and if his teachings appeal to me and how I want to live my life, why is that anyone’s concern? It’s my fucking life!

    • “Anti conversion law should be brought in as soon as possible”

      More like anti subversion laws. Foreigners have enormous influence over these converts.

      Every foreign pilgrimage is subject to denial unless pilgrims comply with foreign regulations, no?

  7. Oh, I just shame Indian Christians as slaves of the white, low life scums whose soul if any had been bought by the white salesman of the desert cult. I wouldn’t argue with these scums about “what kind of Dharma” and all that bull. I have chased a lot of these scums from my property here is Australia, mind you the white ones. So these friggin Indian “lost souls” wouldn’t have a chance with me. Shame them as soon as they open their mouth for they will argue with rehearsed scripts. Kick their arses off your premises.


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