Is Naidu rant a story of sour grapes?

Blaming EVM and EC when an adverse verdict appears imminent? The truth behind EVM - VVPATs and why they are much better


  1. it means all the EVMs must be attached with the VVAPT or whatever. We do not have so many VVAPT. hence SREE IYERs suggestion, though good, may not be feasible.
    In spite of the fact that a large chunk of Politicians are scum class, we trust them and vote. The politicians, in turn, must learn to trust the system.
    We need to ignore the Naidus’ and his kind crying foul. The Politicians did not participate when EC called all of them for the PERFORMANCE DEMONSTRATION. These Politicians are not interested in improving the system. It is only Sour grapes story

    • If the margin of victory is less than 1%, it makes sense to count all the votes manually in that constituency. Rigging is usually done by manipulating the electronics – a printed receipt cannot be changed. No paper markings allowed. It should be done in front of party agents and should be accepted by all parties.


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