Maridhas explains what he said in his video based on which an FIR has been registered

Coincidence or on purpose? Are all Right Wing voices being muzzled in Tamil Nadu? Maridhas details how his videos are always based on sound data and wonders whose mischief it was - to file an FIR.

Reference video link – Tablighi Jamaat Issue – Maridhas


  1. How can he find fault with DMK which has brought heaven to earth. No rape,no burglary, no murder, no katta panchayath, 100 % secularism, vegetable prices lowest since 1947 . Very bad. DMK government could have achieved if the superhuman rahul, finacial wizard and clean handed p. chidambam were there at madhdiya arasu. This ondriya arasu at delhi is the root cause of all evils and suffering of we Tamil people. Ada kadavuley.

  2. He is always taking with sense & responsibility that too with facts & figures .

    What ever be the subject , he correctly does it . My support is always with him . In fact he can be appointed as BJP head for TN , also he can be a BJP spokes person in national channels . Request Mr. Modi to work out on this .

  3. His presentations are absolutely factual and based on researched data. He also exposes the fake news of DMK and allied parties. This must have irked these parties and using their muscle power must have filed an FIR. In fact FIR must be filed against some mullahs who spit venom on national TV channels. Maridhas keep up the good work you are doing.

  4. Maridhas is an incisive commentator in Tamil, much needed rustic kind of speech yet erudite content, backed by facts and figures through lot of govt and UN docs and reports. TN BJP is as ever faction ridden ( irresponsible ppl like CPR, Vanathi etc while only H.Raja is a sincere leader) and does not tap into celebrities like Swamy 39, Sree Iyer of Pgurus, SVeSheker,Maridhas , Gayathri Raghuram who speak and set the agenda very well in youtube and independent media outlets.TN BJP should integrate these people to reclaim the narrative and win the war against corrupt media…TN BJP should provide the legal muscle for such people if wrongly implicated by motivated mullahs…(TN BJP never cares for these committed connoisseurs of correct narrative , infact they keep them at arms length lest these nincomppop leaders get dwarfed…

  5. It’s hard to be consistently professional and Mr.Maridhas is at it with apparent ease.
    We are with Maridhas in his selfless endeavours for our country.

  6. This gentleman has been relentlessly waging a war against fake narratives of DMK besides exposing their corrupt deeds. DMK finds it difficult to counter him on facts and merits of his arguments. As is their wont, perhaps DMK is seeking foul means to reign him in. He has strong support from well meaning people of TN but it is time that the BJP in particular must step in to defend and support him as he supports Modi and his govt. to the hilt. One wonders on what basis the TN police has filed an FIR against him, especially when Mr Maridhas relies fully on facts and strong evidence while making comments.

  7. We are with Maridas
    Subramanian Swamy

    Maridhas explains what he said in his video based on which an FIR has been registered via
    : The FIR registered shows complete lack of application of mind. Will not stand in any court: Swamy

    This tweet of Dr.Swamy will send shivers down these individuals who I am sure will back track and withdraw the FIR shameless guys

  8. I regularly watch his videos. He goes about his work very passionately and professionally. I am sure he will use this FIR as a springboard and gain more popularity. Best wishes to Maridhas.

  9. My take after listening in is BJP-TN must come out and act decisively. In fact they must have great Legal Skills available and they must file a counter complaint and FIR stating that a rightful expression and freedom of speech is being curtailed by these frivoulous petitions. Will the TN BJP support this?


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