Please Don’t Defame Doctors

Despite the hostile ecosystem our doctors are performing their duties to the best of their ability.

Please Don't Defame Doctors
Please Don't Defame Doctors

Our doctors are highly respected in advanced countries like the U.S.A., Germany etc. Many of the complicated surgeries performed here are of world class and at a much lesser cost.

Prime Minister Modi has caused incalculable damage to the entire medical fraternity of India by accusing it of being hand-in-glove with pharma companies. And what is worse is that he launched this totally unprovoked attack on his own country’s doctors on foreign soil (London).

Assuming for a moment for the sake of argument that the allegation is true, how justified was he using a London platform to run down his own country’s doctors? The well-established protocol is that no PM or representative of the govt can wash dirty linen abroad. Modi is the first PM to violate this protocol. By this one act, he has amply proved that he doesn’t care a damn for the nation or its image abroad.

Having said that I would like to state that his effort to paint the entire fraternity in the blackest of hues with the same brush is not only baseless but also malafide.

There are black sheep in every profession and field. In fact, they are in an overwhelming majority in politics. But how justified is it to run down an entire profession just because of a few black sheep? In fact, Modi has defamed all doctors by portraying them as men and women who are out to make a fast buck willy-nilly. Yes, complaints are made against doctors. But after the medical profession was brought within the ambit of the Consumer Protection Act, patients, and their families have a forum before which they can go with their grievances n get justice. In fact, the inclusion of the medical profession under this Act has put tremendous pressure on doctors who are finding the proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over their heads 24×7. Every patient is a potential litigant. A miasma of distrust and suspicion has entered a doctor-patient relationship which a sacred one.

Mr Modi has no moral right to talk about corruption in the medical field because his own govt has been doing everything possible to cover up a Rs 6,000 Cr scam in AIMS, Delhi.

However, despite the hostile ecosystem in which our doctors are forced to function, most of them are performing their duties to the best of their ability. To run them down is grossly uncharitable and shows how badly PM Modi is cut off from the ground reality. Doctors were already covered under the Law of Torts, Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act etc. Over and above these, the Supreme Court included medical professionals who charge fees under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Despite these constraints, the medical profession has been rendering Yeoman’s service to society. In fact, our doctors are highly respected in advanced countries like the U.S.A., Germany etc. Many of the complicated surgeries performed here are of world class and that too at a cost much less than abroad.

Mr Modi if you cannot encourage our doctors it’s okay….but for heaven’s sake don’t run them down. If they are so bad why do you and all VVIPs have doctors on call 24 hrs?

Mr Modi has no moral right to talk about corruption in the medical field because his own govt has been doing everything possible to cover up a Rs 6,000 Cr scam in AIMS, Delhi. The earlier Union health minister Dr Harsh Vardan started unearthing massive corruption in AIMS. What was Modi’s response? He simply replaced Dr Harsh Vardhan with JP Nadda who is closing corruption cases even as the CBI has indicted certain officials of AIMS. In fact, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, who was a vigilance officer at AIMS has unearthed massive evidence of corruption. But Modi has brushed it aside. Nadda ought to have taken, under the law, the PM’s sanction before closing corruption cases. He did no such thing. But Modi is okay with this major violation. Now a PIL has been filed in Delhi High Court.

So much for Modi’s big talk of “Na khaoonga aur na khane doonga” !! And such a leader is calling our doctors corrupt?? Some joke this!!!!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Mr. Balakrishnan, we are not worried so much about the AIMS case, which really mean nothing. Check the market. Go to corporate hospital… Medicine purchased at 40-50 are billed at an MRP 450 are more

  2. Mr. Balakrishnan, Can you please write about the plight of Medical representatives. With the boom of IT there were hardly any one chose to remain in this profession as I do. My salary in 1994 was equivalent to an Infosys employee who was my neighbour. FACT. Earlier companies recruited science graduates like me, that too with chemistry, biology or B.Pharm guys only. In in 2000s, the level of reps gone down drastically and ended up in corruption. this subject requires very deep discussion.

  3. Sir, I started my career as a Field officer with Cadila Laboratories (Now zydus and Cadila) in 1989 and continued my pharma career until 2011 before joining a tech major as a Pharma Domain Consultant in 2011. Honestly I glanced this article. I am giving an insider view. I rose to the level of a Brand Manager, a strategic decision making role and managing brands and its p & l. When I started my career, in a Madurai, people of the MNC pharma used to look at me in a different ways. And they are more interested to see what expensive gift I carry in my bag to gift (c…t) the doctors. where as MNCs will max gives sample of the medicine to the doctor. Then in 1992, I joined an MNC and was doing an ethical business and that continued for a long time in my career. I have seen doctors openly asking for favours. It all started with the gift then ended up in sponsoring their vocation. NO DOCTORS will deny this. Yesterday, I had an heated argument with one of my close doctor friend and at one point of time, he said that I will not agree him. The fact is doctors are corrupted. Now, the other Ghoast of corruption is, the INSURANCE. I can give lot of proof for this. 4 months back, my mother was admitted in a corporate hospital, and was administered Cefoperazone/sulbactum combination and its MRP is 420/- equivalent to Pfizer’s brand – Magnex (Though Magnex is considered to be the original research brand, but its real name is some thing for the international market where the patent rules are secured). But even I have sold the same in generics at Rs. 25/-. I was ashamed that I carried different labels of different MRPs – at that time I was with a Chennai based company for 5 terrible months for the sake of survival (This company created record when my manager was arrested when he was trying to bribe a ESI doctor). So, any amount of attempt to justify the current health profession will end up cutting sorry figures.

  4. This is what happens when people completely unaware of the circumstances, sitting in their posh rooms, start their analysis and judgement without an iota of ground reality. Go around and really find out how bad is the indian medical situation, if you boast yourself as a true journalist. Yes, there are many talented doctors and there are many who are good and serve the poor for free. But not all of them, the majority of doctors are sold. Some for a Thailand trip, some for cash, some for a europe trip, some ask the pharma companies to take care of the decoration of their daughter’s marriage. And some openly ask for company for bodily pleasure. Unfortunately the doctors you are talking about are specialists, who earn a lot, and who dont need to indulge in this money making business. But the majority have been corrupted. Some called the media corrupt, take it from me, media doesnt have any idea on how to be corrupt. Take it from the doctors.

  5. My sense is Mr. Modi has not really tried to understand the issue of medical care. I am totally disappointed with him. I have a feeling he is going to destroy the fabric of Indian society and hand over control of the medical profession to foreign insurance companies.

  6. Earlier we were used to get tablets once in 5 days. Now it is a minute to get it. During hospitalisation doctors visit only once a day. Nurses write the medicines 5 to 10 times during the day. 2000 rs bed charges 10000 rs medicines per day is the going rate of a medium sized hospital. The doctor checks every minute if he has got his commission

  7. Earlier we were used to a doctor giving doses for minimum 5 days during hospitalisation. Now nurses write medicines every 10 minutes once . Hospital bed charge 2000 medicines 1000 per DAY. And doctors checking every minute their commission entry

  8. Author seems like a foreigner, no knowledge about Indian doctors or hospital system today.After politicians most corrupt professionals just above lawyers .More ever highest protected criminals .Don’t agree with Modi either but he is infected with Rabis long time back !!!

  9. One can never go wrong in accusing any one as corrupt- whether individual or a group or a profession, because its so rampant in every sphere of our life. But truth hurts and it hurts everybody. In the end everybody’s defense is that everyone is indulging in it and some are even more corrupt.

  10. We are suffering here in INDIA in the hands of these corporate hospital doctors, so you do not teach us what’s to be said falsely in the appeasement of fake shake.

  11. I have highest respect for PGURUS and their journalism,but do not agree with the biased views of the author of this news. Corruption is rampant, with Doctors getting cuts from Pharma companies, medical shops, laborataries, GP’s getting referral money from hospitals if they recommend their patients to hospitals for surgeries.

    • Sir, your regards for PGurus is misplaced. They are not too much different from others and they can’t be if they have to survive. Difference is only in degree and on that count they definitely score better. But just see how shamelessly they defend Jignesh Shah of NSEL fame.

  12. Ret Judge Female Governor of Gujarat was tranferred to NE states three months before retirement. She was dismissed a month before retirement. Her sin is formed Lokayuktha in Gujarat which the CM didint like. Now Corruption is compared to cancer by the same PM..Lokpal is the cure Nation prescribed and CM to PM Modi never implemented Lokpal but Found DEMONitisation and killed every proffessional integrity.

  13. Generalization is wrong ,but,
    Today high quality STENT cost just 35000 to 50000 Rs.
    One year back it was more than 200000 Rs.
    Our PM was not wrong when he said that !!
    Or Do you think our PM should declare disclaimer before making any statement ??

  14. There shouldn’t be a generalisation about doctor’s corruption and money minded mentality of them.There are a good number medical doctors who are ethical in mindset

  15. Sir what ever you have mention in your page is right but sir pl also come out with issues where hospitals are lotting public, pl visit Government Hospitals and you will see who difficult is it to get treatment, also mention on system of getting admission to medical profession by fake idetity. In your country every one needs every system should run as they want and wish. That PM has said is right and he has mentioned only that fact which normal public knows about Medical profession. DR and medicinal companies have proper understanding who to lot public what is need for companies pay doctors for priscribig only on type of medicien. Know days online parhmicy company are ready to sale at discount that means that companies are ready to over charge. For thier mbedicien and provide insentive to doctors at cost of public. If you thing that you are correct. Then pls also write on all the system. And put pressure that now one should lot public


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