Prof RV on why the foreign-educated Economists do not get India’s economics. Part 2

Prof RV on why the foreign-educated Economists do not get India's economics. Part 2


  1. These fofreign educated economists have no knowledge of Indian people and its economy. They cannot be trusted with the nation’s economy. We have experienced these professionals were only planted through and for industrial espionage for the sole purpose of destroying the solid bases of Indian villages and its people. We should have people who have the knowledge of India and its people and their needs and aspirations. Till then India will continue to suffer from the indigestive hiccups that would finally develop into heart attacks to the Indian economy. This govt. should realize this and make amends to the policies practised till now by the previous regimes of Congress.

  2. To be able to understand the nerve of the Indian economy, it is essential for the so called economist to first understand the country, its people, their feelings and their aspirations. That economist must be an Indian through and through–not living abroad in the cushy comfort of international fame and wealth acquired through anti-India writings and through marriage in industrial family. That economist must know the villages of the country, the nuances of village life sans all the modern amenities of life, the utter absence of the basic needs, the agonies of the suffering humanity wanting medical attention, the unspeakable and silent sacrifice of the women leaving their homes in search of water only to return late in the evening without enough for even one person. The economist who can show the path of sustainable economic development would not be an NRI visiting one’s native land to gloat in the applause from a coterie of people belonging to a group devoted to denounce everything Indian or Hindu. I only wonder the students of economics in India have the broader Indian outlook to delve into our problems even to write a book, like Alak Ghosh, on the Indian Economy.


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