Swamy the Giant Slayer

Swamy The Giant Slayer

Swamy The Giant Slayer
Swamy The Giant Slayer


  1. Absolutely. But for Swamy nothing would have moved. Namo better give him further security lest the opposition try to harm him.. The Italian lumpen must be out to get at him. They are nasty.

  2. Please get behind the judiciary. This system of appeal from sessions court to high court to supreme court is tiresome. It takes 15 to 20 years. Corrupt are powerful n that drains the poor.

    *Remove the dirt from judicial system
    *Pay them on basis of clearance of cases
    *Set time bound appeal from lower court to top court not more than 1 year
    *State Protection at Govt cost to affected till case is resolved
    *Special court for national n international Sensitive, Security issues with time bound not more than 3 months
    *No judicial support for terrorists or court process. Deliver justice in 15 days
    * To sensitise the Judiciary kindly privide records of all the kith n kin working in same profession.
    *Transparent process for selection of judges, advocates. Involve people citizens to ensure no favouratism showered on kith n kin


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