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Book Review: How India Sees The World by Shyam Saran

This book can be used as a temporal benchmark to differentiate between the ideal #NehruvianMindset of yesteryears and the purposeful #ModiDoctrine for the future. India's...

Dealing with America

Dr Swamy, the only economist amongst Indian parliamentarians, always favours a foreign policy based on transactions because he understands American Lawmakers’ psyche Indian foreign policy-makers...

Modi has his sights set firmly on foreign policy

New Delhi, Dec 15 - He may have been in the firing line of opposition leaders for his frequent visits abroad but Prime Minister...

Dr Nagaswamy on Thamirabarani archeology findings and their significance

Welcoming the statement in the assembly by the CM of TN, M K Stalin, of the finding of a new archeological site along the...
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