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Inhuman, communal are Gupkari Abdullahs, Muftis and Tarigamis

Modi govt to amend J&K Reorganisation Bill, reserve 1 seat for PoK displaced, 2 for Kashmiri Hindus The Narendra Modi government has decided to table...

Slave mentality: Jammu-based supporters of separatist Kashmiri Gupkaris

Gupkar alliance always neglecting Jammu-based supporters On August 4, 2019, owners of Kashmiri parties, votaries of Pakistan, independence, self-rule and greater autonomy, met at the...

Concession to Kashmir’s Gupkaris will be a concession to Pakistan

Are Pakistan and Gupkaris working in tandem? The answer appears to be in the affirmative. It is difficult to avoid such a conclusion. There...

Reject seditionist Gupkaris to win over humiliated Jammu

People of Jammu have suffered immense socio-economic, cultural and political losses Some politicians in Jammu, including National Conference (NC) provincial president Devender Rana, have been...


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