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Haseeb Drabu’s views on J&K delimitation divisive, anti-Jammu

Drabu's views on J&K delimitation show venom against Jammu sentiments The loud clamour in Jammu for delimiting assembly constituencies based on the latest population figures...

Jammu & Kashmir: Delhi won the first round hands down

New Delhi should also listen to Jammu and other affected minorities That the outcome of the much-talked-about meeting between PM Narendra Modi and Gupkaris and...

Political explosion: Haseeb Drabu urges PM Modi to bifurcate J&K

Bifurcation of the UT of J&K is an exigency of the time and need of the nation Politics in jihad-gripped Kashmir is undergoing a change....

Mehbooba crosses the line, calls PM Modi, HM Shah dacoits

Farooq And Mehbooba are together and separate at the same time The situation in Kashmir is assuming dangerous proportions with each passing moment. On one...

Kashmiri secularism is anti-India

All in all, Drabu -- himself a Kashmiri and part of the system -- deserves kudos for succinctly describing the nature, leadership, ideology and...


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