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Romanticising US election results

There has been a surge of romanticism in India over the US results Something funny is happening in India in the aftermath of the US...

The Legend of Bappa Rawal

Maharana Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad Bin Qasim, the first attacker of Islam on Bharat and chased Arabs up to Iran. On his way back, he...

Hyphenating American Foreign Policy from Middle-Eastern politics

A look back at Middle-East's history Middle-Eastern love for Americans over their European colonial powers led to a long-standing trust in the United States (US)....

US and India – where will the twain meet?

It behooves US to reach out to India & grant an exclusion on sanctions to allow it to continue its procurement of crude from...

A Strategic Marriage of an Arranged Partnership

Recent actions by the USA are putting the India-US relationship equation on the horns of unwanted dilemmas Former US president Barack Obama once said that...
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