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It was Modi who threw a lifeline at him by getting elections held for the legislative council. But for Modi, Uddhav Thackeray would have been an ex-CM today

Cornered during COVID

The people are looking up to Modi to pull Mumbai out of the grave situation that it is finding itself in today With the situation...
The City of Saint Paul passed the resolution 20-712, labeling India Islamophobic.

A doomsday for Democracy in Saint Paul, MN

Thousands of concerned Saint Paul, Minnesotans of Indian origin were disenfranchised from expressing their views and facts to the CC Following the story titled A...
It looks like a meticulously planned move by Facebook to send out a message that they will remain left-leaning as they have been in the past.

Red Agenda – Zuckerberg’s Oversight Board shows FB will stay biased As usual

Facebook has been struggling hard to combat hate speech on their platform Every time someone reports a post as “hate speech”, someone at Facebook manually...