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National Security Outlook of India: Need for a paradigm shift

Why the need? India has long ignored the complexity of its own geopolitical context, internal governance contradictions, and the gravity of combined identity-driven threats from...

Who will tell the Prime Minister?

First time in many years political executive was interacting with armed forces and directing them to do something instead of mouthing inane homilies The Prime...

No News is good News out of Pakistan

No News is Good News out of Pakistan, but, with Imran Khan at the helm of affairs, the Pakistan PM will only make matter...

Syria, a master chess move by Russia

Syria has become the most successful military and diplomatic operation by Russia in today’s time and it has the potential to build greater peace...

Fierce political battle on the anvil in Jammu and Kashmir

The Bharatiya Janta Party-led Union government is mulling the option of kickstarting a political dialogue ahead of holding polls in the region after the...
Kareena ka ulta sapna

Kareena ka ulta sapna

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