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Increasing number of elopements with married men – isn’t this a...

Section 497 on adultery has been scrapped but not replaced by a fortified Section to deter extramarital relationship with anyone other than his spouse.   Just...

Two rapes: Howling banshees and their silence

Here is how the narrative of two rapes diverge sharply: excessive regard for one, inexcusable indifference for the other. Two rapes are challenging the national...




Award season for Lootians?

Award season for Lootians?

Why is it raining awards and prizes on the lootians and NRI lootian progenies/allies? "The ad verecundiam fallacy concerns appeals to authority or expertise. Fundamentally,...
Why is the Indian National Congress un-Indian?

Why is the Indian National Congress un-Indian?

Congress and the UPA have caused more damage to Indian polity, society and economy as compared to the damage England cause to India between...
With the second train of corruption arriving at the platform of justice in the form of ED, the former Minister will be in jail for a long time

ED allowed to arrest Chidambaram tomorrow. More days to be spent in jail

With the trial court permitting the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to interrogate and arrest if necessary, it is almost certain that the agency is all...
Post Paid Mobile phone services restored across all networks in Kashmir valley

Mobile networks restored across Kashmir valley , internet services to be activated soon

Kashmiris' looking forward to a bright future and peaceful tourist season, not talking about the abrogation of Article 370 On Monday when the state administration...