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China’s CPEC – “A Corridor to Nowhere”

CPEC has based on a false premise that a nation needs these massive economic projects to be prosperous The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), formerly...

India can’t sit motionless while China acts around it

It has happened far too many times to countries getting aid from China. What starts out as a long-term loan ends up becoming an...

Rise of Undemocratic China: What The World Should Do

Undemocratic China is a self-confessed dictatorship, practicing State Capitalism, growing well economically, politically and militarily. It nurtures ambitions to replace the US as the...

Part2 – China’s Road to Superpower status

Part 1 of this series can be 'accessed ' here. This is Part 2. Unlike the US-led Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which left China out,...

Part1 – China’s Road to Superpower status

China tapped its history and called the path forged, the Silk Road When President Xi Jinping of China first announced his Silk Road project in...

Trade Connectivity & India – OBOR impact on India’s Foreign Trade

Trade Connectivity & India – OBOR impact on India’s Foreign Trade China and India have two of the world’s four largest modernising militaries and...

Pakistan stoops new low: Orchestrated outrage against Shami

Maximum tweets targeting Shami were from Pakistani agencies After India was defeated by 10 wickets in the Super 12 stage on October 24, it lost...
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