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Time for Bharat to take over from India

Inaction and a status-quo mindset not an option As the dragon keeps clawing away at smaller countries around India, causing significant long-term security challenges, India...

Qualcomm partners with MeitY to support Indian semiconductor startups

Qualcomm India partners with MeiTY’s C-DAC to support Indian chipset startups Qualcomm India Private Limited, a subsidiary of the US semiconductor giant Qualcomm, plans to...

Mehbooba is a Pakistani mole

Mehbooba is living a fool’s paradise and in a world of the past “Operation All-out” is in full swing in terror-infested Kashmir and other parts...

Nepal: Falling prey to Chinese intentions

Despite the fact that Nepal has a large population of Hindu religion, Nepal's growing inclination towards China is a matter of concern for India The...


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