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Sattology: Preserving Ancient History of India

Ministry of Culture and ASI have an important impartial responsibility to build a real India with its original culture. A country is known for its...

Sattology: Understanding Islamic Conquest of Persia

All central Asian states which were under Persians severely resisted Islamic invasion but were brutally defeated and subjugated Persia was a colony of Hastinapura during...

Sattology : Mauryan Influence on Greeko-Roman History

Its time for Indian Government to fund researches on subjects such as Sattology to tell the world the correct history. Roman civilization was a polytheistic...

I follow Dharma, I am not a non-believer

Criticism of Dharmic traditions, philosophy, and culture is a part of that education to instil a sense of fear of losing their exclusivity Being a...

Kafir, the most racist term

The word Kafir is inducing many Muslims to not integrate themselves with other non-Muslims. The word Kafir and justification for punishment for kafirs have been...

Sattology: A Case for Hindu American Community

The previous parts of the series can be accessed here. Often times nowadays in the USA, we hear the political terms such as #GreenNewDeal, Leftist...

Sattology: Entitlement Vs Karma

Sanatana Dharma is usually the original ideology of all natives. It’s a system of natural duties or karma and belief system There is a radical...

Sattology – FREE Temples, Let Sanatana Dharma Breathe

The roots of Sanatana Dharma are very deep in India so much so that people born in India cannot escape from its effect. Sanatana Dharma...


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