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Top Headlines 1. India surpasses Russia to become the Fourth largest in FX Reserves giving the country much needed strategic advantage at $580 Billion 2. US moves to #2 as the leading supplier of Crude pushing Saudi to Number #4 3. White House weighs Tax Hikes to pay for beyond the $1.9T Stimulus Package 4. Taliban to attend the Russian Hosted Afghanistan meeting, March 18th 5. Wall Street reaches Record highs with optimism around Economy reopening from the Pandemic #Ep119 #DailyGlobalInsights

EP-119: Bidenomix – Tax Peter to Treat Paul? US is India’s...

  Sree Iyer: Hello and Namaskar. This is episode number 119 of Daily Global Insights. And I'm with Sridhar Chityala. It's the 16th of March...


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