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Top Headlines 1. India surpasses Russia to become the Fourth largest in FX Reserves giving the country much needed strategic advantage at $580 Billion 2. US moves to #2 as the leading supplier of Crude pushing Saudi to Number #4 3. White House weighs Tax Hikes to pay for beyond the $1.9T Stimulus Package 4. Taliban to attend the Russian Hosted Afghanistan meeting, March 18th 5. Wall Street reaches Record highs with optimism around Economy reopening from the Pandemic #Ep119 #DailyGlobalInsights

EP-119: Bidenomix – Tax Peter to Treat Paul? US is India’s...

  Sree Iyer: Hello and Namaskar. This is episode number 119 of Daily Global Insights. And I'm with Sridhar Chityala. It's the 16th of March...

The Race of Centralised Digital Currency

The People’s Bank of China has issued as legal tender millions of dollars worth of Digital Currency since April 2020 The People’s Bank of China...
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