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#Episode12 Daily Updates with Sridhar - Quad's growing importance

#Episode12 Daily Updates with Sridhar – Quad’s growing importance

Transcription Sree Iyer: Good Morning Viewers, It’s a bright and sunny morning in New York today and that's what I'm assuming, Sridhar Ji can update...
More facts come tumbling out on SM and Democrats

#Episode11 Daily Updates with Sridhar – Many from SM have links...

Transcription - Sree Iyer: Hello and Welcome to PGurus channel. I'm your host Sree Iyer. This is episode number 11 of 'Daily updates with Sridhar...

It’s time for India to say goodbye to biased UNO

Biased UNO backing Pakistan against India On May 27, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) president, Volkan Bozkir, crossed the red line and openly and in...
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