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The meteoric rise of ‘Thala’ Ajith

Is Ajith currently the No.1 star of Tamil movie industry (a.k.a Kollywood)? A courtesy visit by Tamil cine heart-throb Ajith to enquire on the health...

सुपर स्टार रजनीकांत को एक सलाह

रजनीकांत की राजनीति में पदार्पण के क़यासों के बीच में एक कहावत याद आती है "जिसका काम उसी को साजे।" वे अभिनय में माहिर...

World Bank Courts controversy

World Bank to stop ‘ease of doing business’ report as probe finds ‘data irregularities’ The World Bank Group announced that it will be discontinuing “ease...
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