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Central Eurasia: The Graveyard of Empires

One American General interviewed by CNN on January 3, 2016, said that the execution of a Shia cleric and 47 others allegedly guilty of...

Managing Mankind: United Nations Part 3 of 3

The most important organisational unit that affects humans is the United Nations.  From the time of its inception in 1945 to 2010, the year...

Managing Mankind – The Nation State Part 2 of 3

Part 1 of this series can be accessed here. Normally, most people are sceptical when attempts are made to control the independence of a nation-state....

Managing Mankind – Are we headed for another World War? Part...

There is a misconception in some circles that man is by nature combative and therefore war is inevitable.  Most civilians long for peace.  Most...

“India Reforms-The World Transforms”: Modi Mantra on the Global Stage

Powerful assertions by a very confident Modi at 76th Session of UNGA The world was listening and watching when India’s Prime Minister Modi took the...
In Afghanistan, at present India can't accept the current edition of Taliban, the task ahead is to mold it to version & shape of our liking

India and the new Afghanistan

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