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Modi regime cracks Rajya Sabha nut, leaves the Congress stunned

With two of its allies opposing the Bill, it was not easy for Modi government to manage the numbers, which were stacked against it...

Shah Bano, Muslims in gutter & Zakaria’s secularism

There is a great deal of anxiety among Indian Muslims who believed there is little they can do to save themselves, Dr Zakaria recommended...

Assessment of Modi government’s first term

With the ongoing elections, it is the right time to assess the achievements of the incumbent government. There are some areas where the government...

“Hindu-ness is the essence of India” – RSS Sarsanghachalak

With the very first question seeking clarity on the equation between Hindutva and Hinduism, the stage was set for a never before public enunciation...

Anti-reformists in Muslim community fighting an increasingly losing battle

Gender justice activists from among the Muslim community are now more vocal than ever and have taken the fight to the Supreme Court. It’s not...

Triple Talaq Unconstitutionalized, Now Nikah Halala

Muslim women are the most exploited bulk in each section of Muslim community. Here’s how... Finally a medieval misogynistic Islamic practice of divorce prevailing since...


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