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Was Chinese Ambassador echoing the thoughts of some Indian politicians when...

There were two sessions in NewsX on this topic and the complete videos are listed as follows: 1. 2.

5G: US thinking of nationalizing this technology

According to Axios.com, Trump national security officials are considering an unprecedented federal takeover of the nation’s mobile infrastructure so it won’t fall in the...

India, Israel, US and Palestine – Fast moving events

Following the vote in the United Nations on the decision of United States to move its consulate to Jerusalem, a lot of action is...

China finally admits to its South China Sea ambitions

How can you monitor a critical shipping channel that affects most of your exports? Start asserting yourself by claiming land. Better still, create your...

Trump warns Pakistan, empowers Military in Afghanistan

In a stunning speech that is sure to be music to India's ears, President Trump laid out a new Afghanistan policy for the United...
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