With Sushil Pandit on Kashmir since 2014 and how many more are being formed

A clinical view at the political happenings in Jammu and Kashmir and how things have come to what they are now. Pandit explains the futility of taking the Patriots for granted and pandering to the separatists by trying to win their minds and hearts.


  1. Iyerji and Panditji,
    I also agree with your observation. Just trying to add a different perspective.
    Isn’t it true that record number of terrorists are killed during this regime? Dint Modi approve a surgical strike inside Pak? Dint he also spearhead a diplomatic isolation of Pak?

    I wish you had also spoken about the Leetul Gogoi saga. He is to be court martialled now, but something in me says that he has been made a scapegoat.

    Your criticisms are correct, but other governments would have done even greater harm.
    I think it is absolutely imperative that BJP, or should I say Modi, retains power in 2019 with an even bigger majority.

  2. Mr Sree Iyer – I salute the great service you are doing for the country. we are helpless and look upto you. Request you to encourage, people in your circle to start a news paper and news channel. This will keep the people informed with correct information and this will make the government to listen and take decisions in a decisive manner. May god bless you.

  3. One of the many reasons of this no action,lethargic approach towards Islamic invasion could be sheer lack of knowledge, how Islam as a religion function, among the general populace and law makers in general.Hindus organisations need to do education campaign about Islam and its impact on other religions.One person who has done serious study and produce beautiful mini-books like “sharia for non-Muslims” is Bill Warner. Hindu organisation should translate these types of books into local language and distribute free.If Saudi post can send Islamic books free of charge to propagate their religion why can’t Hindus distribute books to save their religion.

  4. My heart bleeds when I hear all this. Shrilanka faced Tamil Tigers squarely and wiped out them once for all. Thought PM will revoke article 370, 35 A and do same in Kashmir. If that too happen BJP would have got not 350 but 450 seats in 2019. Congress has alleged that one senior BJP minister allowed Mr. Mallya to leave country. Think, PM must force that minister to resign else I don’t think people will vote again for BJP in 2019. BJP behaves well in opposition.


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