Antilia incident opens probes into new scams

An update after my hangout with PGurus on Antilia

An update after my hangout with PGurus on Antilia
An update after my hangout with PGurus on Antilia

The Antilia case

I had a live hangout on the PGurus channel on March 19, 2021, at around 8 PM IST about the case of Antilia where gelatin sticks were allegedly found in a car outside Antilia, the residence of Mukesh Ambani, in south Mumbai (can watch the videos below). I had expressed my concern about the location. Many listeners may recall that in the video, I had said that the building adjacent to Antilia building is the location of the Kenilworth building which belongs to the Department of Atomic Energy and it was being used as residential accommodation for the top Atomic scientists of the country. This is an irrefutable fact.

It may be recalled that I had dwelled in the interaction with PGurus about several other dots which needed to be joined which are briefly recollected as follows:

  1. The fact that NIA had been assigned for the investigation of the case does indicate a possible terror angle.
  2. Further, the proximity to the seashore of the location also indicates a possibility of Mumbai 26/11 repeat.
  3. Further after this, it was also surmised by me that the reason for one of the persons planting the explosives wearing overarching apparel looking like a PPE while in his previous avatars before several media briefings, he had been seen only with a face mask and not any PPE kit and asked whether it was any a protective gear worn while handling radioactive material.

This had resulted in a few calls from friends with their comments which led to discussions akin to drawing room discussions albeit over telephones. In these discussions, I had also expressed my refrain that most dots are akin to the 26/11/2008 attack only dot missing was a hotel.

Let me recall that I had on previous occasions said that even in the 26/11/2008 some doubts had been expressed about the huge amount of arms being used is an indication that the terrorists could not have brought it via the sea route with them and there was a possibility of these having arrived earlier and stored it locally.

The Hotel Link

Lo and behold, a hotel link has also emerged as per the news reports yesterday the name of Hotel Trident came up in all news channels. Let me recall that this hotel was a target during the 26/11/2008 attack.

Hence in all probabilities, it was a terrorist angle that is emerging.

Events of yesterday, March 22, 2021

Two salient events happened. First, a gentleman calling himself as being from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), wanted me to come to his office. Since this is an agency that had caused the death of my mother in 2014 I didn’t want to visit them as that would pain me with her memories. Besides CBI doesn’t deal with their sources in any professional manner and their preliminary information gathering also seeks to mentally harass the people with the officers asking you to wait incessantly and avoid talking to you till you lose your patience. Besides after a small surgical procedure I am not in a position to do such inordinate waiting for these officers to find time and talk to me while they will ordain you to come at 9 AM. Hence I told these officers that he can meet me at my residence.

[23/03, 06:59] R V S Mani: “This is CBI personnel who wants to visit me today.
[23/03, 07:18] CBI: “Yes

Following this, a member of the CBI did call on me at my residence. A copy of the WhatsApp chat is recalled above in this regard.

Online on TV and then off!

The second event pertains to a call from Republic TV. I do not chase any channel for featuring me in any program. However, it is a matter of record that whenever I appear in any such program I generally speak facts based on authentic source and not propagating any agenda. The call came from Republic TV’s Reema Rathore and after persuasion, I consented with the condition that I will do only from my home.

A Republic TV unit arrived at my home at 8.30 PM, and they set up the wherewithal. The equipment I am told was a Live View camera. Just when the debate was about to commence, the connection went out. The unit man called his studio but had put the phone on speaker mode. So I could listen to the conversation that I had been dropped from the programme. I asked him to leave immediately. Oblivious to this, Reema sent an apology which is recalled below.

Sir, please accept my apologies for today.

There’s some technical issue with the camera and it’s not working.

I’m extremely sorry.


PGurus reached out to Republic TV and they confirmed that there were technical issues on their end, that ended in the line with Mr. Mani getting disconnected.

Incidentally, I have been facing TV cameras for the last 5 years. There may be connection glitches, sound glitches but sure never had there been a camera glitch.

Now the question is about the timing of both agencies approach and that of the media group.

I don’t believe in coincidences. The CBI is opening a case against me which I came to know relates to financial advice tendered by me in the case of Trade Facilitation Centre, (now named Deendayal Upadhyay Sankul) Varanasi.

During the visit of the CBI official, I told the CBI to put my observations fully in the public domain so that my name is not maligned and dragged into any controversy.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

RVS Mani is a former Under Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and author of the book Hindu 'Terror: Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs 2006-2010'
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  1. Mr. R V S Mani, I read your book “HINDU TERROR” and I follow you on twitter and your chats on PGURUS.

    I appreciate your courage and you are an inspiration to people like me who are used to speak out without mincing words, but based on facts.

    In my thoughts what it struck me like lightening that in any Committee, where MLAs, MPs, Officers or Experts, I find no place for common people at all. Be it for GST, Direct Taxes, Terror, Social issues or any other matter. It is high time that we all sign a petition and insist the Governments (Central & State) to make common people part of the committees to discuss and ponder on various points.

  2. I agree Shri Manis view, that this is a terror plot and truth will come out. What is disturbing is the role of Mumbai police, which may also have links to 26/11. The foot soldiers are from police but the controlling brain is X, because it is the police force which has access to every point in Mumbai.

    At present HM is from NCP and also during 26/11, HM was from NCP, perhaps a coincidence. But S Pawar defending the current HM is shocking. More so shocking is Modi awarding Padma title to S Pawar and calling him as his political guru.

    God has now given a chance to NIA to peep into 26/11 issue. A super criminal cop like S Vaze must have known the logistics master of this attack and so his guide PV Singh who fixed Col Purohit and S Pragya in hindu terror narrative. On the social front, son of Mahesh Bhatt gave a platform to Dawood Gilani.

    It is time for Modi totally to be proactive and destroy anti national moles in non BJP ruled states. Similar to Delhi, even Calcutta, Chennai and Mumbai police should be controlled by center but under the monitoring of a command of retired officers from IB,RAW,CBI and top State DGPs, similar to SC collegium.


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