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Aashish is a Senior Technologist with diverse experience in Finance, Education, Media & Social causes domain.

Currently as the Founder & Chief Information officer for PGurus.com, a media initiative, aims to provide unbiased Insights for the Global Indian. He is also Founder & Special Advisor of World Education Foundation, UK (www.wefuk.org), and leads the Indian-Subcontinent partnerships and entry-strategy.

He is a technologist by qualification – MS Computer Science (USA) and has spent his corporate years with large Investment Banks like Goldman Sachs, where he has worked extensively across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Aashish passionately believes that skills, toolsets and techniques from academia and corporate-life, can and should be applied to solve social and ecological challenges, as much as they solve financial ones.

He is keenly vested in the education technology & social media space. Strongly believes that using inexpensive technology can greatly improve the quality of education and life in general for the society at large.

When he is not working, he can be found with his camera or spending time with music.

More at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aashishshetty

His views on Technology, Education, Politics & Finance are published at https://www.PGurus.com/author/AashishShetty/


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Aashish is a technology & finance professional with many years of global experience in multiple roles.

He is a frequent contributor on Banking, Money, Investing, Technology and Education.

Detailed bio & posts - https://www.pgurus.com/as/
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