Ashali Varma on Lt. Gen. Prem Bhagat, who wrote the Henderson Brooks report on the 1962 debacle.

Ashali Varma, daughter of Lt. Gen. Prem Bhagat, who wrote the complete truth of the 1962 China debacle which could have been entirely avoided, if Nehru/ Krishna Menon had paid attention to his Intelligence report of 1959. Forward posts with tennis shoes/ plain uniforms, no air support when it could have won the war for India and much more!


  1. Agreed Nehru failed to understand the Chinese. What about this Image monger Narendra Modi who miserably failed to read Xi Jinping in spite of meeting him 18 times and interacting with the Chinese since over 15-16 years from his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat

    Except policy Narendra Modi blabbers everything else. We did not elect him to give us lessons on Yoga or cleanliness. We elected him to eradicate corruption, nepotism and uphold the PREAMBLE – truly

    We need another P V Narasimha Rao – Talked less and did more


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