Why haven’t Barkha and Sagarika said anything about their communications with Sunanda?

Of the five journos that Sunanda reached out to, Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose have not said anything

Of the five journos that Sunanda reached out to, Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose have not said anything
Of the five journos that Sunanda reached out to, Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose have not said anything

They were also in touch with with Sunanda around the day of the murder

After Republic TV’s exposé, Sunanda’s Murder case has opened up again. It is good to see a new channel evince keen interest on this case, about which, we at PGurus have written extensively. Apart from other issues, the Sunanda Murder case involves five journalists as possible witnesses. This case is very much related to journalism. Fact of the matter is that Sunanda was getting ready to speak to media to expose husband Shashi Tharoor and Indian Premier League (IPL) related issues on the fateful day of January 17, 2014. But the lady who was about to talk to TV channels was found dead on that day, killed in the most gruesome manner.

As Sunanda’s Murder case investigation drifted for the past three years, journalists revelations are welcome in the public spirit and is in the interest of justice.

Journalists Nalini Singh, Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Rahul Kanwal and Prema Sridevi were talking to Sunanda 24 hours before her death. As per the telecommunication data, around 4AM, Sunanda had contacted or messaged Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Rahul Kanwal and Prema Sridevi to meet her for an explosive interview. That night Sunanda also tweeted that she will expose Tharoor’s dirty games in IPL rackets and immediately got a reply from none other than fugitive former IPL boss Lalit Modi. He encouraged her to expose, reminding his old conversation in 2010 about Tharoor, terming him a crook.

All these journalists including the veteran journalist Nalini Singh had given their statements to Delhi Police in early 2015, after the registration of FIR for murder. As a dutiful journalist from the old school of journalism, Nalini Singh was the first to share the details of her interactions with Sunanda as well as police in the public domain. In such sensitive cases, such revelations can be made and typically do not hamper the investigation. As Sunanda’s Murder case investigation drifted for the past three years, journalists revelations are welcome in the public spirit and is in the interest of justice.

Rahul Kanwal also put the details in the public domain soon after giving statements to Police. He wrote a detailed post on his Facebook page. Prema Sridevi, who was working in Times Now under the same Arnab Goswami decided to reveal her versions and details few days back in Arnab Goswami’s new venture Republic TV. Whatever Republic TV’s opponents in journalism say out of envy, this step by the reporter and the TV channel is a welcome move in the interest of justice. Kudos to the media house, which forced the tardy, meandering, politically influenced probe for the past three years to be put back on the front burner. After all media’s basic job is bring out the hushed-up truth.

Who alerted Tharoor or any big IPL Mafia King or Queen about Sunanda’s plan to expose them?

What is intriguing is the silence of the two senior journalists Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose, who never miss an opportunity to pontificate. What was Sunanda’s message to them? Did they go to Hotel Leela to do her interview? If not why, when this could have been the scoop of the year (and perhaps the decade)? Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose owe answers to their viewers as to what they did on January 17, 2014, the day Sunanda was murdered.

One more thing. Who leaked Sunanda’s plan to give an interview to journalists? A scoop of this kind would have been guarded like it was the family jewels! How did the detractors know about Sunanda’s plan to expose Tharoor and the IPL racket, which ultimately led to her gory murder? Who leaked the communication between Sunanda and these four journalists? Who alerted Tharoor or any big IPL Mafia King or Queen about Sunanda’s plan to expose them? These angles must be investigated thoroughly.
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  1. While none of the investigating agency has found anything against Mr.tharoor, the pgurus and Republic police have delivered guilty verdict same in line of gaurakshaks delivering mob justice. Welcome to new India!

  2. By keeping quiet Barkha and Sagarika are pointing at their complicity in the murder of sunanda… Both opportunistic and partial

  3. As rightly pointed out by some writer,all these media and police are busy in reporting and re reporting rapes, gang rapes and gou rakshakas going berserk
    High profile murder of Sunanda, like the death of Diana in England will remain a mystery
    For such types of ladies it will too much to expect a better end than what they got


  5. Its no surprise that even today no one has the guts and gumption to question the rich and high profiles. At least mr arnab goswamis republic is trying to do something. We citizens should support such journalism whosoever does this.

  6. What a strange death wish of Sunanda, the well traveled lady experienced to spot a crook a mile away.Of all the people, she decided to confide to 2 of the most devious “journalists” who are more in the category of fixers/peddlers than “Journalists”.On a serious matter when one makes a huge blunder like Sunanda has done, i am not shocked (though saddened) by the turn of events..Shampoo head philanderer needs thorough scrutiny but then our govt. is in the hands of Deaf smith and Johhny bungler.Without their say so, nothing will get done.Only God can change the way this country is run.

  7. And I’m still wondering what are Sunanda Pushkar’s family members doing? Even if I don’t do anything offensive to my wife, my in-laws keep pressurizing me every now and then, as if it was a ritual. After all, Sunanda was also a “Bahu” and it’s surprising why the Women’s Commission of India and/or the state, the feminists, the intellectuals, presstitutes…all keeping mum as if they were paid to keep their mouth shut.

    Man, this might sound ridiculous to some but had their been a Men’s Commission, just as there’s a Women’s Commission, the feminists would have been triggered by their butt. “Rape” and “Gang Rape” only seem to be the keywords of success for media, or at least hypocrite media. This case in and of itself is a bloody rape of the judicial system of India. Had there been no Subramanian Swamy, the rapists would have lived “Nirbhayantly.” That’s the right meaning of “Nirbhaya,” right, to be fearless.

    I don’t know much about law but a petition should be filed to cancel these presstitutes’ degrees and ban them from media appearances or publish their writings permanently because they simply aren’t responsible journalists, spread public hatred, attempt to discriminate and divide the society in every way they can.

  8. Barkha Dutt for one & probably Sagarika Ghose too, would not reveal what maybe known to them about this case or anything to do with Congress and allies, as they are too cosy with the Congress in general and Sashi Tharoor in particular.

  9. These two journalist too are aware many things on Sunanda’s murder. But, astonishing is why the BJP Govt is silent and non progressing on this case is not known. There may be a cricket link no doubt and hence, many from BJP too may be linked to this. Why PM Modi is not looking into this case, why should he fear, fear of whom?

    • congresswals are perfect thieves. thieves are good in sharing. they shared their loot with opposition which is nothing but BJP. But whole thing changed when Modi was made prime ministerial candidate during 2013. So naturally lot of BJP folks are helping ST.
      Real question is why Modi ji is NOT expediting this investigation? Why he is waiting for Swamy and now new tv channels dig these?

  10. It is well known these two are PRESSTITUTES kept by foreign Muslim entities to promote muslims demote Hindus attack BJP and other PATRIOTIC parties and individuals, protect the Muslim league franchisees like kangress rjd sp bsp tmc ncp etc. An expose of a kangress court EUNUCH would go against their master’s agenda! Hence they were busy CREATING stories against Modiji!

  11. All scamgress chamchas have got some vested interest but bhagwan ke yahaan dher hai andher nahin , today or tomorrow the real culprit will land in jail.

  12. It is as much an intrigue as to why these two journalists didn’t break the news earlier. Perhaps Republic was not envisaged then. Too much negative reporting for raising TRP Ratings of a new Channel is only to be expected. Would it be too much to expect from these Channels to focus atleast part of their prime time to focus on positive issues and news and play a more constructive role.

  13. why was this arnab and times now team of Republic TV were out in cold for so many years ???? This is same as Kapil Mishra revealing the AK bribe bomb after he was sacked

    • Because Arnab & team were prevented by the Times Now hierachies to expose this & other matters relating to politicians & other public personalities. That is why they left the clutches of paid and controlled media and started their own and he was not sacked. By the way, Kapil Mishra was sacked by AK because he revealed the bribe matter when in office and not after he was sacked.

    • That’s precisely the reason Arnab started his own channel – the inability to do things freely under Times Now’s (or any other channel’s) umbrella.

      • Agree. Arnab has full freedom now to telecast doctored tapes and videos like the JNU videos and deliver mob justice through paid nationalist panelists.

  14. Yes, it is indeed still being guarded as Family’s Jewel – a KOH-I-NOOR; but the Nation is keeping full faith in the Judiciary & ppls ruled NaMo led @BJP4India govt & are sure to witness the real Culprits very shortly ?

  15. so, like whose responsibility is it to do this investigation? The author should demand answers of the dillie state and federal governments and their investigating arms who obviously seem to want wash their hands off. OJ Simpson did not quite get away with it like the murderers of ms. Sunanda are being allowed to, thanks to see no evil Indian govt agencies when it comes to convicting the rich and powerful probable criminals.


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