BJP’s CM candidate Dr. E Sreedharan on his “Vision for Kerala” and the four things he would focus on

The recently announced CM candidate for Kerala by the BJP, Dr E Sreedharan has had a distinguished career in the Government of India, as a man who gets things done, in record time. Watch this interview, his clarity of thought and purpose and you will be screaming from the rooftops that age is just a number!


  1. During 2019 LS Elections, huge secular and not so secular Sabarimala temple incidents did not get any benefits to the BJP and now BJP is doing development politics in Kerala hoping to open an account in the Kerala Assembly. Dr.Sreedharan is the USP this time around. Best of Luck to him.

    How come BJP suddenly woke up to the fact that educated men are available in the country and can be inducted into the party and at the other end keeping out of the Cabinet handful of more knowledgeable than PM Modi and HM Shah the 65 plus BJP LS/RS MPs during its 2014 and 2019 mandate and asked them to be in the Margadarshak Mandal……not met even once since its inception shows how power drunk BJP disrespects elders in its party and the RSS resigned to its fate!

    By proposing and inducting into the BJP the 88 Year old Dr.Sreedharan is just a last ditch efforts politics in Gods Own Country by the BJP.

    Had BJP interested in a pious and growth oriented metro trains man like Dr.Sreedharan he could have been nominated as a RS member bringing quality in RS memberships an the debate and to serve the country as a cabinet rank minister.We have PM and RS Speaker sobbing at times in the Parliament on certain issues….just drama…is being enacted.

    RSS and the BJP should explain how come it has violated its own 75 age bar criteria adopted since 2014 until 25th Feb 2021 and kept away above 75 years old active erudite scholars

    RSS should prefer to “recall PM Modi” damaging the Indian Banking and Economic systems. Defense Ministry without a sound economy our country can not become a super power. Sorry to say this Modi Bhakts

  2. What a pity !
    At his age he wants to enter the cesspool of of evil people!
    And to even think he can swim in that ocean of criminals and remain clean!

    Well, it is his karma of course.


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