BJP’s supporters feel betrayed

BJP’s record shows that it uses nationalism as a tool to get power. And after getting power, it discards nationalism and embraces pseudo-secularism

BJP’s supporters feel betrayed
BJP’s supporters feel betrayed

 As per Lawrence Ferlinghetti, an American poet,

 “Pity the nation whose people are sheep, And whose shepherds mislead them.”

Immediately after winning the 2019 Parliamentary elections by projecting itself as the embodiment of nationalism, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has opened the fresh floodgates of minority-appeasement by declaring five crores scholarships for minorities on June 5, 2019.

By making this outlandish and divisive declaration of five crores scholarships for minorities, the BJP government has ignored considerations of propriety and fair play. And because of such divisive policies, BJP is losing its credibility as a nationalist political party.

For Civil Services Examination, every minority candidate is given a scholarship of rupees one lakh; and for preparation of Medical/Engineering entrance examinations, up to rupees one lakh per student per academic year is given.

BJP government’s actions show that BJP’s “nationalism” is as fake as Congress Party’s “secularism”.

“Justice to all and appeasement of none” used to be the mission statement of BJP since its inception in 1980, and also of its illustrious predecessor, Bharatiya Jan Sangh. But while in power from 1999 to 2004 and then from 2014 to 2019, BJP never implemented its noble motto.

BJP’s record shows that it uses nationalism as a tool to get power. And after getting power, it discards nationalism and embraces pseudo-secularism.

And this duplicity has dismayed its supporters.

Article 15(1) of the Indian Constitution forbids discrimination against any Indian citizen on the ground of religion. But like Congress-led governments in the past, BJP government has also appeased minorities; and discriminated against Hindus just on the basis of their religion.

Such brazen state-sponsored discrimination is found only in India.

Height of hypocrisy

It is deplorable that after getting power in 2014 on nationalist agenda, slogan and publicity driven BJP has discarded everything for which it was known and respected. And it has embraced Congress Party’s pseudo-secularism which it used to condemn.

After getting power in 2014, BJP did nothing to fulfil even one of its perpetual promises like the implementation of the uniform civil code, justice to all and appeasement of none abolition of Article 370 and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir etc. etc.

On the contrary, throughout 2014 to 2019, BJP government has implemented and expanded Congress-led governments’ anti-Hindu, discriminatory, pseudo-secular and minority-appeasing laws and policies culminating in the June 5, 2019 declaration of five crores scholarships for minorities.

Because of these facts, many of BJP’s supporters feel betrayed.

Politics of pseudo-secularism practised by Indian National Congress for decades, and now adopted by BJP, has crippled the nation and divided it into majority and minority.

And these divisive and appeasement policies are perpetuating the division of the nation into majority and minority thereby undermining the very survival of the nation.

BJP government has not repealed or amended any existing law to stop discrimination against Hindus and to treat Hindus at par with other communities.

This perverse discrimination is fragmenting Hindu society and destroying Hindu civilization since to escape discrimination, some Hindu sects proclaim that they are not Hindu.

In 2018, Lingayats in Karnataka wanted to be treated as a non-Hindu minority like Ramakrishna Mission had claimed the non-Hindu minority status earlier.

Discriminatory policies

Some of the discriminatory policies implemented by the BJP government from 2014 to 2019 are described briefly as follows:

  1. Opening floodgates of appeasement

Congress-led UPA government was in power from 2004 to 2014. As the opposition party, BJP had condemned the Congress-led government’s creation of Sachar Committee and Ministry of Minority Affairs in 2006 as communal, divisive and “appeasement” of minorities.

Though it requires just an executive order to abolish the Ministry of Minority Affairs and its communal policies, as explained below, BJP government has continued this ministry and has vastly expanded minority appeasement policies; and is allocating thousands of crores of rupees every year for the same.

Apart from having schemes like “Nai Manzil” (training Madrassa students for government jobs), “Shadi Shagun” (for minority women), minority students are given pre-matric and post-matric scholarships and fellowships as financial assistance for M.Phil. and PhD courses.

 “Padho Pradesh” scheme offers interest-free bank loans of up to rupees twenty lakhs to a minority student for pursuing Post-Graduate Diploma, Masters, M. Phil or PhD course in a foreign university. And the interest on such loans is paid by the government as subsidy.

“Naya Savera” scheme provides free coaching to minorities for admission to technical and professional courses and for recruitment to government and public sector jobs.

For Civil Services Examination, every minority candidate is given a scholarship of rupees one lakh; and for preparation of Medical/Engineering entrance examinations, up to rupees one lakh per student per academic year is given.

Under “Nai Udaan”, minority students get financial support for preparation of Main Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission, Staff Selection Commission and State Public Service Commissions.

Renaming it as Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram, B.J.P. Government has expanded Multi-sectoral Development Plan for Minorities to 308 districts.

And five crores scholarships for minorities declared on June 5, 2019, give a new dimension to BJP’s appeasement record.

 There is no strong nationalist political party with a country-wide presence which can liberate the country from the slavery of pseudo-secularism.

2. Discriminatory “Right to Education Act, 2009”

Congress-led government’s “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” brings Hindu-run schools under the government’s control. But minority-run schools are exempted from this Act.

This Act requires Hindu-run schools to provide free education (with negligible compensation from the government) to at least 25 per cent students from weaker sections; and also stipulates many other stiff conditions for Hindu-run schools. This Act has made the cost of Hindu-run schools prohibitive thereby closing thousands of Hindu-run schools all over the country. In 2016, National Independent Schools Alliance protested in New Delhi against this Act and appealed for its repeal or suitable amendment.

Despite the havoc caused by this Act for Hindu-run schools, the BJP government has not repealed or amended it to give the uniform treatment to all schools, whether run by majority or by the minority community.

3. Bill for equal rights for Hindus not passed

Though secularism means equality before law and non-discrimination on grounds of religion, Hindu religious and educational institutions and Hindu temples are subjected to government’s interference whereas minorities enjoy full freedom in this regard.

All prominent Hindu temples all over India, and having assets worth thousands of crores of rupees, are under government’s control. But no mosque or church is controlled by the government.

Because of the government’s control, persons with no faith and no knowledge about Hinduism, and even non-Hindus are governing Hindu temples.

Government’s control of Hindu temples and their estates is depriving Hindus of their right to religious freedom guaranteed under Articles 25 and 26 of Indian Constitution and is also depriving Hindus of the self-supporting infrastructure of their places of worship.

Besides, Hindus have been deprived of the freedom to run their educational institutions while minorities enjoy full freedom in this regard.

In 2016, Dr Satya Pal Singh, BJP member of Lok Sabha had introduced Bill Number 226 seeking amendment of Articles 15, and Articles 25 to 30 to extend the religious, educational and cultural rights stipulated therein to every community, whether majority or minority. This Bill wanted to treat Hindus at par with other communities without depriving minorities of their rights.

Shockingly, despite having the majority in Lok Sabha, the BJP government did not pass this Bill and allowed it to lapse thereby continuing the discrimination against Hindus in religious, educational and cultural matters.

There cannot be a worse example of a political party humiliating its most loyal supporters.

4. The pathetic plight of Kashmiri Hindus

Article 370, and its off-shoot Article 35A have all along encouraged separatism and terrorism and are responsible for genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir.

By compromising its stand on Article 370, BJP formed a coalition government with the People’s Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir in March 2015. This coalition continued till June 2018.

B.J.P.’s Election Manifesto in 2014 had promised abrogation of Article 370 and return of Kashmiri Hindus “to the land of their ancestors with full dignity”. However, throughout its regime from 2014 to 2019, the BJP government took no such action. And Kashmiri Hindus are still waiting for their rehabilitation in Kashmir.

The only solution

Valiantly fighting frequent foreign invasions for many centuries, Hindu civilization survived and prevailed. But during the last few decades, this civilization is being destroyed by perverse politics of pseudo-secularism.

In the rest of the world, the term “secularism” implies equality before the law and the same rights for all citizens irrespective of their religion. But for self-acclaimed “secular” political parties in India, anything which is anti-Hindu or pro-minority is “secularism”.

Congress can never leave its pseudo-secularism and its minority-appeasing policies. And by implementing and expanding Congress-led governments’ anti-Hindu laws and minority appeasement policies throughout 2014 onwards, BJP too has embraced Congress Party’s pseudo-secularism.

Thus, at present, there is a dismal political vacuum. There is no strong nationalist political party with a country-wide presence which can liberate the country from the slavery of pseudo-secularism.

Therefore, to fill this political vacuum, the nationalists must reject both Congress and BJP, and form a new and strong nationalist political party which would liberate the country from slavery of pseudo-secularism, ensure same rights and same laws for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion, and which would not discriminate against any citizen, whether belonging to majority or to minority community.

Simultaneously, nationalists must also launch a strong, peaceful, constitutional and lawful movement to demand that the government must stop the above-described blatant discrimination against Hindus; and give the same rights and same laws for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion; and irrespective of majority-minority differentiation.

There is no other way to liberate the nation from the shackles of fake-secularism; to save India from disaster.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


  1. It is a very informative and useful article. As rightly suggested in this article, nationalists must assert themselves to ensure that Hindus are treated at par with other communities; and that there is no discrimination against any Indian citizen irrespective of his religion.

  2. Every nationalist must know the facts mentioned in this article.
    The government must ensure same laws and same rights for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion.
    As mentioned in this article, in 2016, Dr Satya Pal Singh, BJP member of Lok Sabha had introduced Bill Number 226 seeking amendment of Articles 15, and Articles 25 to 30 of Indian Constitution to extend the religious, educational and cultural rights stipulated therein to every community, whether majority or minority. This Bill wanted to treat Hindus at par with other communities without depriving minorities of their rights.
    Surprisingly, the BJP government did not pass this Bill in the then Lok Sabha and allowed it to lapse.
    At least now BJP government should introduce a similar Bill and pass the same in the present Lok Sabha at the earliest.

  3. Unless an elected government is pushed to the maximum in the required direction, in the direction that people who’ve voted for them want to, there is no use just supporting them once in 5 years.

    • Very True,
      Core Hindu voters Need to monitor & make the necessary course corrections if the government strays from the agenda that caused Hindus to overwhelmingly support this nationalist Government

  4. An excellent article & a wake up call to all Hindus.

    Hindu social organizations should counter 5 crore minority scholarships by ensuring Good education for All Poor Hindu Children.

    5 crore Rich Hindu elite should take of 5 crore poor Hindu Children to save Hindu Civilization.

  5. This is precisely our problem. Not even a month into the office, we have already started judging him. Yes, the scholarship announcements have been outlandish, but how many takers for it. Let, them , if they want to , its not that education would wash off all their aspirations. Its an opportunity for them to realize their dreams too. Lets wait and the plans are long drawn, am sure, with such a overbearing population of the so called minorities ( i really fail to understand by what count in any part of the world, a 17-18 % population is regarded as minority), things cannot be changed overnight like a stroke of the brush.

  6. Nationalism vs Political Opportunism:
    Along with countless numbers of other Indian citizens I grew up with love for all those who fought for India’s independence. The love was not shaped by the tool used by the freedom fighter. In the town where I grew up, we loved the revolutionary fighters as much as the Satyagrahi fighter. Fighting for independence is good for the country and we did not reject people who used force to accomplish their mission.
    As a nationalist, I demand Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities for all citizens without considering their caste, religion, social ranking, language, or place of birth. The programs launched by the present government describe the doctrine of Political Opportunism without any concern for the good of our nation. Anything, any program, any initiative that is not good for the country must be rejected. I need not frame this issue in any political terms. I like those parties or those leaders who work for the good of this nation.

  7. As has been nicely put in this magnificent article, India must be liberated from the slavery of pseudo-secularism to ensure same rights and same laws for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion; and to prevent discrimination against any citizen, whether belonging to majority or to minority community.

  8. Secular public has suffered over one millennium – 1000+ odd years – w/o dignity, decency, due to colonists having no regard to life, liberty, livelihood, totally marginalized, alienated, traumatized, terrorized, led to Hindu holocaust where 200 mil lives have been lost acg to one estimate. Pagan tax and jizya were the modes of making public poor; it has not ended; it continues in the form of ugly convent fees, profiteering by bolly, cricket, shiridi, wipro univ, qalam univ, teresa univ, etc. all ruining India’s future.

    Perpetuating colonialism is the one dimensional dominant narrative and agenda of the anti-Indian dark forces paid by external NGO drum beaters; daily struggles of ordinary citizen eking out a living pulling carts and carrying loads for a bldg, angst of students with 90% + marks not getting jobs or admission while scholarship or quota supported minority are getting ahead. Theft of jobs, girls, land, wealth, health, aouls, stealing of dignity, lives and livelihoods are still on-going at uglly levels; street romes, street violence, serial mass murders of civil rights volunteers of BJP/RSS/BD go unnoticed, unchecked and under reported.
    Poverty level is 60-80% and the victims of poverty and malnutrition are not the minority who are the real threat to public safety and natl security.

    Empty of coffers of incINC left Modi with little funds for development of infrastructure- water crisis is the result.

    Undoing this level of damage takes huge level of funds that need to come from swiss bank thefts by incINC. Can BJP get the retrieval of swiss funds done? This must be the 8th point…

  9. It is an excellent article awakening people of Nation. However, I think it may be short time facility to the muslims who are economically weak also be given to all EWS of our society together. The schemes should be reviewed periodically. I think articles 35 A and 370 should be abolished and issue of Ram Mandir should be resolved or law should be made in that direction.I think PM Sh Modi must be aware of it. I am sure that

  10. Should our country’s Muslim keep growing without improving their educational needs? Isn’t the BJP’s move to abolish “triple talaq” by law a sensible and essential thing to do for the Muslim women— or is that too “appeasement”? All in all, Mr Arora, I think. protests too much. And, since, he is reportedly a legal erudite, I suggest tyat he should write an article clearly setting out how to abrogate Article — after duly considering the seemingly insurmountable clauses that form an integral part of Article 370. The same goes for Article 35A — Mr Arora must tell us how the inherent preference accorded to “Permanent residents” defined in Section 6 of the J&K State Constitution can be legally removed from the State Constitution. Readers woul do well to read both those Constitutionalm embodied hurdles that cannoy be removed without the permission of the ruling J&K State Governent.

    • You are requested to kindly go through this article carefully. It describes the BJP government’s action in continuing anti-Hindu laws and minority-appeasement policies.
      BJP’s concern for “justice to all and appeasement of none” has seen no concrete action by BJP government to liberate Hindus from government’s discriminatory laws and policies.
      The request that Hindus should be treated at par with other communities in religious, educational and cultural matters is neither a complaint nor any Hindu agenda. It is the basic human rights agenda.
      BJP’s slogan of “Sabka Vikaas Sabka Vishwaas” (every one’s development and every one’s trust) can never mean BJP government’s continuation of discrimination against Hindus.
      Senior and respected journalists like you must take the lead in demanding same rights and same laws for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion.

  11. There are strong reasons to make Bhaarat a Hindu State, not secular. Therefore, the Hindus need to become active to do so. They would need to do it with unity (from neighborhood, to city to district to state to national level) and with firm determination and solid preparation to handle any situations that may arise as a response from the ant-Hindus. The Bhaaratiyas must also understand that after the 1947 partition Bhaarat is a Hindu stage by default. It just needs to be declared so by removing “secular” word (that was inserted during to Indira’s emergency time) from the constitution.
    जय श्री कृष्ण !

  12. Sir, BJP is a principled party. Our leader Nitimaan Bhagwan swarup Narendra Bhai ji Modi Sahab is a giant personality. His policies must be right. Those who wish to avail of scholarship can always convert and get the benefit. In fact, they have a choice of two religions to convert to. Modiji will give them even more on conversion to the other religion.

    Modiji will help all. He is God.

  13. Modi ji can easily overcome this negative perception by,
    1.Bringing a Law for population control.
    2.Bringing uniform civil code.
    3.Abolishing article 370 & 35 A.
    4.Clearing the way for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.
    5.Extending the Five Crore scholarships announced by the bigot Naqvi to all EWS students.
    6.Abolishing the Ministry of Minority affairs.
    7.Providing Hindu institutions with the same benefits as are provided to minorities.

    • (1) Why do you think Population Control is necessary?

      (2) Even assuming Population Control is necessary, What law can control Population & how

      You should notice:
      China has suffered irreversible damage in just ’30 Years of One Child Policy.
      Today China has not just annulled the ONE CHILD POLICY, Government is offering incentives to have more & more Children.


      Population is our Wealth – not liability

      • You have misunderstood my submission.
        Hindu population is an asset everywhere in the world.

        The population of Indic religionists has decreased from more than 90% in 1947 to near 80% now.
        A strong Law like the one introduced by Shri Sanjay Gandhi is required to take care of the demographic assault on Indic religionists by Abrahamic religions.

        Total fertility Rate of Hindus is much less than other religious groups, if it is not taken care of Hindus will soon become victims in the only country that has survived abrahamic assault.

    • Modi is fallen into the trap of sunni mind control as DRmms, tharoor, et al fell. After looting us for 1000+ yrs, rich sunnis left dumped on us are getting ever more via VOTE BANK politics of BJP that is on suicidal track. How can they expect to get voter support in the next election cycle?! Secular public getting raw deal from the very party they voted into power. Seven points need urgent attention. Birth rate for Hindus is falling while that for evil minority is up at ever uglier levels. Popular support is not assured any longer.

      We see serial rapes in bolly and other places, serial rapes and lynch mob are getting worse. Everything linked with sunni is hurtful- hawala under ground economy, halala rape of hijabis, pork haram and beef halal, etc are a detriment to the society. Why BJP is supporting such uncivilized and criminal colonial communalism?? Where is justice and equality? Where and what is sustainable and acceptable solution?

      Credit goes to Mr Arora-ji for exposing the communal scam and sham privileges to the very rich paki cousins who are on paki caliphate agenda islamizing our matru bhoomi only home land we are still dreaming about which we will never realize at this rate.

  14. Pgurus Sir, it seems that since Dr Swamy has not entered Finance you seem to be changing tracts?
    Why flogging the S.K Shrivastav saga when There is a NOTICE FOR ARREST OF JAMES ROY AND A LOKKOUT SO HE DOES NOT ESCAPE??


      • I do not need advise of Xtians. I will write a full fledged point by point why Pakistani migrated panjabis have played a debilitating role after 1947. Their participation in Cultural genocide and democide of Hindus continue, while White Xtians have been forced to stop the same in Canada, Australia, NZ and US to much extent (though not 100%)

        • It seems that you are a Mullah or a Missionary hiding under a Hindu name & desperately trying to divide the Hindus.

          You will not be successful ?

  16. Hindus must learn to trust their leaders and see things in the right perspective. BJP have appeased the minorities but why not? What should follow from hereon must be to deliver to the Hindus their election promise. THe Ram Sethu must be made a heritage site, Ram Mandir must be built and article 370 must be abrogated, being the immediate 3 important steps to appease the majority. This time BJP has to do it or would
    have to face extreme Hindu backlash either as violent protest or see the encouragement of the real beginning of Hindu terrorism.

  17. Minority Appeasement has started in a big way

    Shady characters under Investigation are inducted into the Party with short term targets of obtaining RS Majority – ignoring the long term dent in reputation

    In the name of cleaning the Babudom, reputed & honest Officers – who had the guts to challenge the likes of Chidambaram – are punished with Compulsory Retirement

    None of the Major players who had direct Benefits from various scams – Chidu, Manmohan, Pawars, Ma-Beta, the Pawars etc. has been sent to jail.
    Occasional raids & investigations to scare the UPA Thieves is all Modi.1&2 have done till date


  18. The Hindus in India only have themselves to blame. On the contrary, see Nepal where the Hindus forced the Commies to withdraw proposed legislation that would have interfered in the administration of temples.

    I will report a conversation I had a few hours ago with someone I know very well.
    She: You know, in these stores (Christian run – names withheld) in X-Nagar (Chennai), Hindu salesgirls are not allowed to wear kumkum/sindhur.
    Me: How do you know?
    She: A girl who works there is my friend and she told me. Also I shop there very often and have noticed the bare foreheads of the salesgirls.
    Me: So why do you go shopping in a store which welcomes Hindu customers but not Hindu customs?
    She: Oh, they sell stuff there which is not available elsewhere.

  19. This is an excellent article.
    The author has rightly mentioned that the politics of pseudo-secularism started by Indian National Congress, and now adopted and expanded by BJP, has crippled the nation and divided it into majority and minority. Nationalists must make all efforts to demand the repeal and amendment of discriminatory laws, and stoppage of appeasement policies to ensure the same rights and same laws for every Indian citizen irrespective of his religion.

  20. UPA appeasement is just for vote banks. NDA is for development of all and appeasement of none. Gangrenes (khangress) landed itself into the problem, they kept on appeasing and more demand for appeasement followed. The more you appease the more demanding they become. Further the school dropouts from Muslim community is growing alarmingly and might pose problem for the security lateron. Further, by offering 5 crores scholarship helps the government to have control over educational institutions. This also helps in streamlining educational system. I feel the author could be more open minded. The author being advocate, he can post information on court fixers and their NGO’s doing illegal activities etc.

  21. This is an excellent piece of article highlighting the thoughts of billions of Hindus who have helped BJP to win 350+ seats, felt betrayed by BJP. The Social media R/W wing is totally upset and questioning Modified, why he is going Congress way by appeasement of minority. This Govt from day one reiterates to win the hearts of Minorities, knowing fully that the were never with BJP and will never be in future, what ever you do for their betterment at the cost of Hindus. If this trend continue, BJP will thrown out of power in the next election.

  22. I beg to differ with the author. Nationalism cant be just anti muslim mongering. We have minorities and till now their welfare have not been taken care of.instead a fear psychosis has been created and some individuals have benefited from this so called secular policies when a party comes to power it needs to take care of everyone. Bjp since inception has been highlighting the fact that minorities have not benefited from the secularism that is being bandied bjp policies are going to benefit minorities.


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