Casteism, a Hinduphobic term

Casteism is not Bharatiya or in any way connected to Hindu Vedic culture

Casteism, a Hinduphobic term
Casteism, a Hinduphobic term

Any reference of casteism against any Bharatiya is a racist slur which can be questioned as Human Rights violation in today’s court system.

Any western person will first ask a Bharatiya, so you have a caste system? That is the most Hindu-phobic and derogatory term used against Bharatiya people. Nowadays, if any Bharatiya is asked that question, that person can go to court for racial discrimination. Hindu phobia has reached its peak today because of Islamic nations and also due to Christian Missionaries. Hindu temples are routinely attacked in the USA, Sikhs are questioned for their turbans and other Hindus are usually mocked on Caste system or arranged marriages. These are all racist attacks and Bharatiyas have to demand their equal rights in Europe, Asia, Africa and even in the USA. Usually, most Bharatiya hang their heads when attacked on the caste system and become defensive. That needs to be stopped. Because no Hindu Scriptures support casteism. Caste is a pejorative term invented in the 1600s by Portuguese Christians to put Bharatiyas into defence and basically to question the faith of millions of residents of Bharat.

Hindus were not inferior to the nations of Europe and he was convinced that England had more to gain if civilization became an article for trade between Bharat and England

The social structure of Bharat had four categories or वर्ण. Caste is not a Bharatiya word but rather a Portuguese Christian term which was derogatorily used to attack the teachers or Brahmin of Bharat. Because the only way they could gain trust of Bharatiya was to break their existing trust on their Teachers or Brahmins. Christianity replaced native cultures through fraud – Intellectual, Social and Historical. You can understand more about their fraudulent nature by just visiting the museums of Rome and Vatican. Their history is filled with deceit. The story of capture of Rome from Romans is itself a testimony to this fact. Francis Xavier wrote a letter to the Society of Jesus, “if it were not for the Brahmins, we should have all heathens embracing our faith.” Francis Xavier called all Bharatiya as Heathen in his private letter. The whole purpose of Macaulay and all other Christian Missionaries was to turn unsuspecting Hindu children against Brahmins. That was the main purpose of inventing a derogatory term – Caste, to destroy the Vedic culture of India, through the destruction of Brahminical class. Because until Brahmins are not destroyed, Hindus won’t become Christian. This fraud is still continuing through the Nehru Dynasty and other educational platforms that were cultivated for the same such as AMU, JNU and so on.

What is that Bharat that the whole world wanted to discover? Was the whole world just interested in spices and trade from Bharat? Or was there more to Bharat that most Indians are taught today? Bharat lives in its villages and that is true to this day ever since the time of Mahabharata. Even in the times of Mahabharat, the governance of Yudhishthir was built around villages. That’s how scientific we are. There is no documented discrimination by anyone at any time. A system of five brave, efficient and intelligent men were chosen from the village to provide efficient administration of those villages. That is how the panchayat system is existent from time immemorial, and that made Bharat the most trusted nation in the world. Throughout the world, ancient Greeks, Chinese, Persians, Western Europeans and others in the Far East respected Bharat for her wisdom, justice and truthfulness. The biggest wealth of ancient Bharat was her people. What were those people known for? Truth and Justice at the individual level and society level. If Bharat was known for truth and justice, will those people discriminate against their very own people? History doesn’t support any of the Christian missionary accusations against Bharatiyas. Even Mughals relied on Hindus more than their own people for efficient governance. Even though Mughals never trusted them because Mughals were always scared of revolt knowing well how much violence they had done against Hindus in Afghanistan and today’s Pakistan.

There are ample proofs after proofs where the Christian colonizers from Britain and Muslim looters from Arab & Central Asia, acknowledged about one quality of Bharatiya and that was truth and justice. Max Mueller in his book ‘India what it can teach us’, “The whole of their literature from one end to the other is pervaded by expressions of love and reverence for truth.” That was the observance of Max Mueller, whose only objective of translating Vedic scriptures was to inject his Christian ideals into them to destroy the very essence of Bharat. In 1836, Macaulay says,” It is my belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolator among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence. “The brainwashing of Hindus has been done so completely by the westernized Education system, that they are not even able to think clearly about what happened to them. And this was the masterstroke of their British masters. They attempted to destroy a civilization that was thousands of years older than what they could ever think of. And they are partly successful!

Thomas Munro, Governor of Madras presidency, commented publicly, “Hindus were not inferior to the nations of Europe and he was convinced that England had more to gain if civilization became an article for trade between Bharat and England”. It’s time for all Bharatiyas to understand their gameplan and not let them succeed in their mission of destroying the oldest living civilization on the planet.

To summarize, Casteism is not Bharatiya or in any way connected to Hindu Vedic culture. Any reference of casteism against any Bharatiya is a racist slur which can be questioned as Human Rights violation in today’s court system. Hindu phobia of Islamic nations and Christian Missionaries is unfounded and racially motivated to put Bharatiyas in defensive, because they themselves have a lot to hide.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. Sir
    I want to be a casteless Hindu so that I am planning to file PIL in Supreme Court as I want Certificate mentioned with
    Caste = Hindu/ No Caste
    Religion = Hindu
    I am Ready to my OBC reservation
    If you Want to support kindly let me know as I need 100-200 people’s to file strong in Supreme Court

  2. The article is faraway from the realities and facts about the system which is exists since thousands years and in that a particular section of society was marginalised and treated worst then a beast/animal. Although animals were in better position (ie cow was sacred but not otjer)and never suffered emotional, physical torture. Your article has a hidden agenda under mask to convince the European countries that there is no such system in india. Situation little bit improved after constitution .

  3. Most absurd and illogical argument. Just because caste is a Portuguese word you said the term should not be used to attack brahmins but whatever be the name used to describe the oppression in the name of religion that systems deserves condemnaion and is questionable.

    what is the greatness of this brahminical civilization except it’s creation of large number of poor and miserable dalits and bahujans to fill the coffins of Brahmins and Baniyas. Can you cogently explain this phenomena without resorting to your weapon Karma.

  4. What ever be the name of Caste System, it is a tool of oppression and therefore deserve to be questioned. Most absurd and illogical arguement.

    What is the greatness of this Brahminical civilisation. Why Dalits and Bahujans in this country are poor at the cost of wealthy Baniyas and Brahmins?? can you answer logically without resorting to your weapon “Karma”?

  5. Mr. Satsangi
    I feel really sad for you that how education has done nothing for you but made you ignorant about the issues of caste. You are clearly one of those who just live in their ivory towers and believe that is the reality of the world. If there is some room left in your brain to accommodate some changes in your ideology please do read authentic text to get your facts right. Also before jumping to a conclusion do read about that issue in depth!!!

  6. A very timely piece which is trying to give a different direction, and rightly so, to the caste stick the non-Hindus readily use to put us on the defensive. Very clear thinking to be able to identify this as a racist slur and then suggest fighting it in a court of law – this is the new direction.

    So, about time Hindus themselves realize that they are victims of racism who are actually using the slurs called caste, caste feeling, casteism unknowingly on themselves.

    Well written Aditya-ji.

    From Bhārath

  7. Is this article a joke. Haven’t you read any of the research articles on Varna system. Haven’t you read any writings of dr Ambedkar. If casteism doesn’t exist in Hindu society why the hell would indian constitution talk about it. If people are not discriminated why article 15 and 17 is there. True, the term caste is of European origin but the meaning of caste is species and the Europeans used this to perceive the cynical Varna system. Caste may be a European term but it doesn’t change anything about what happened or happening in India.

    • Varna is not by birth. Caste was imposed in 1901 census by British. British themselves recorded that there was no discrimination in Indian social system and they wanted to change it to control Bharatiyas

    • Don’t just think about one Ambedkar all the time….you had 70 years…have all the castes grown up?
      Only those who got benefitted are benefitting again and again … Their generations don’t even have the courage to say no to reservations for their family which is developed now n let their caste members who are below come up with reservations..
      If you can show one Ambedkar,
      I can show you many many upper castes who are facing discrimination in today’s world of equality….

  8. I will disagree with the author.

    Whether you call it “Casteism” or ” Varna”, the facts remain that there are severe problems with the Orthodox Hinduism as we know it.

    Untouchability , discrimination are the hallmarks of Hindi society as we know it today.

    When Hinduism is treated as thought of as part of Dharam or Dharma, at that level it is Enlightenment that is the goal, and Moksha that is sougght

    Dharam is a Philosophy not a Religion.

    Hinduism in it’s present shape is a Religion, with all the trappings of an An=brahamic religion

    Superiority of one caste over others

    The poor sucker at the bottom is the untouchable.

    Education, jobs, marriage, social acceptance all depend upon one’s place in the hierarchy.

    Until and unless untouchability, is eliminated,

    Hinduism will remain something which the rest of civilization will bash, and should bash.

  9. You come to any village here. Each village has colonies for dalits and separate space for caste Hindus. The author must come and dissolve those barriers rather than do false preaching. Yet for money many will even leave their underwear. That is the poor state of your article.

    • The author means well.

      We need to :

      1) break the social barriers, untouchability must go

      2) Temples, priesthood cannlt be the preserves a birth born case.

      If hindusim is to stay reelvant, and it is not right now , then this has to change

      How to do it, is the issue.

    • Anyone can be called a Dalit if they are distressed for any reason. Christian Missionaries’ and Islamic Jihadi propaganda to separate Dalit from other Bharatiyas has failed

    • Fine …. Good point..

      We shall declare that there be no reservations…. No one should ask for castes ..No school should ask for caste details…
      If this is implemented now, then within a decade no one would even know their castes….
      But will you advocate this?
      Will those who benefitted from reservations accept this…?
      A big No…
      You want to stay inferior so as to gain benefits…
      So you want reservations..
      So you keep castes alive..

  10. Verna must be annihilated. RSS and BJP wants to maintain it through temples . Otherwise who will be their slaved. How many Brahmins died in cleaning main holes or scavenging Job. Their network work in all walks of life police, judiciaries, politics, academics, corporate, and social life. 95 % population is slave and 5% master called Brahmins. Weather caste or Verna . It is a inhuman practice and must be annihilated. Dalia votes are controlled by liquors and fear or God. OBC, Dalits and Muslim’sand other minority other than Jain must be united to annihilate caste system. It is difficult to remove supremacy of Brahmins unless they all are united

    • Why don’t you go n fight against the supremacy of the English dynasts ?
      They form a mere 1%
      Why are the media n the whole world think of them as superior or the media has made them superior…

      Inspite of reservations, if they are able to come up then they truly deserve it…
      Or god wants them to be in that position for the common good of all…..n Hinduism…

      Their wisdom is not just related to their hardwork but also a blessing from God…to save dharma from cheating missionaries

  11. I wonder to what length would you guys go to make Hindu religion a symbol of equality and justice.I have read Ambedkar. You should to. Please don’t spread false propaganda.

    • Is Ambedkar the torch bearer of Hinduism n castes..
      I request you to go n read about saivite 63 nayanmars…where everyone belonging to different castes were blessed by Shiva…
      Read about how Sankara Acharya was made to realise his mistake of caste by a Chandal..
      Ramanujar worked with all caste people n promoted Vaishnavism…
      Don’t just take your own favourable case..
      N argue….

      So if Ambedkar was hurt whatare you doing to people now…
      Hurting upper castes n favouring lower ones…and you call your construction democratic… Highly mockable…
      You say all are equal ina secular country…

      But you have only minority favouring ministry in government whilebthese so called minorities are majority in the whole world with a big network….

      You have caste reservations even after 70 years…
      What did Ambedkar say…this reservation should last for 10- 15 years only after which it should be scrapped..
      Are you okay with it…

      If what Ambedkar faced was injustice (in times of old) what will you call reservations when people have known all are equal but yet the upper castes are facing injustice for a sin which they didn’t do for almost 70 years…

      • Brother you are so angry with “Reservations”. I get it. But as a SC, I have myself witnessed discrimination in every sphere of my life. I urge you to read Ambedkar. You will get the idea of how caste is deeply rooted in the society and the ill efects of it. Dont just brag about 70 years. If you knew history you would not have made such a childish argument. Peace

  12. I am afraid that the writer, like the present bunch of our politicians, is trying to deviate us from the root cause of this inhumane division of the Indian society – ‘The Caste System’. It’s a good attempt to euphemise this social evil by completely blaming the western civilization ( as has been the tradition to blame the west for every nuisance that we create ) for something that has been existing in our society since “time immemorial”.
    I don’t believe that any community in this world is Hindu phobic; one, because we as a community do not pose a threat to others, and second, because we don’t hate muslims or any other community for that matter as much as we hate our own, simply for an imbecilic notion, that is, caste supremacy.
    If our society was so truthful and just throughout the ages as the writer claims, there wouldn’t have existed the most horrific and petrifying treatise called ‘Manusmriti’ that reduced the low castes and women to a place worse than slaves.
    Had the constitution not been drafted by one of the most educated men in the world, there would still be people living like slaves in their own society. I honestly believe that the writer needs to update his research and spend some time in the villages of India in order to verify his proposition, watching T.V and reading books about the grandeur of ancient Indian culture simply aren’t going to help.
    It is nice to take a stand for our culture when any outsider points a finger at it, but to vent your anger at others for a flaw that still pervades our society is not right and before blaming them for the disintegration of our society we need to know that we have never actually been what we always claim to be – a truthful and just society ( which actually no society has ever been ). Do we forget that it was us who established the Sati system and burnt widowed women for the sake of another imbecilic notion – Eternal Love.
    One more important thing, by asserting that only Brahmins were, are, or can be the teachers, you are intentionally or unintentionally yourself supporting the Caste System. Therefore as an Indian and a devout peace loving Hindu, I humbly request the author to continue your research but this time please carry it out on the ground level so that you may get a true and unprejudiced idea of what’s going on here.


    • Anti Brahminism is not Bharatiya quality. It was a propaganda by Christian Missionaries to create a divide in Indian society so that they become relevant. The demonization of Brahmins was done with a purpose to control rest of Bharatiyas. Because Brahmins by nature were kind, truthful, knowledgeable and above all rich in knowledge.

      • Mark your words sir, “Brahmins were kind, truthful, knowledgeable, and above all rich in knowledge”. So are they not now?
        You need to understand that this cultural hegemony needs to stop immediately. Interestingly what you call demonization I call caste supremacy, and that, wasn’t the wont of the British, their sole purpose was to loot us and make the Queen rich.
        India is already facing a reinvigorated caste oppression and these statements of yours that hail one caste and blame the oppression of others on the Britishers are just not helping the cause.


    • Sir… You too seem to remain confined to reading books n watch missionaries sponsored media ..
      Why go to villages n learn about caste…
      I advice you to go down south n see in Kanyakumari (certainly not a village ) …what missionaries are doing to the people there….
      We don’t want any peace loving devout Hindus who think that manusmriti is the only book of Hindus…
      I request you to read about 63 nayanmars n 12 alwars in which all castes have equal importance…
      Read about naminandhi adigal — he wanted to purify himself before entering his house because he had been with so many castes in a temple procession ..
      Know what Bhagwan Shiva did…
      He asked him to come to thiruvarur next day and every one he saw in the city looked like Shiva himself… every caste person…

      Don’t come here n lecture about manusmriti n castes…
      Go down south n see for yourself what missionaries have done…

  13. Plz tell me one thing, what is the origin and actual meaning of HINDU word? Is it mentioned in any Vedas? Why I have asked this since you have smartly quoted history as reference…
    India had only Varna vyavastha which misused on birth of people not on karma basis by upper Varna belonging people and it mentioned also. When discrimination increased in India that time a word cast is introduced which purely based on social, educational and economical backwardness…

    • Hindu — why do you have to seek meanings for some words which has been established for a few hundred years ago…
      When you talk about Hinduism talk about the values associated with it..
      Don’t hang on with words … N lose the meaning

    • Hindu is a word which comes from two…himalayas+Indian ocean…so the ppl leaving between Himalayas and Indian Ocean are Hindus which was being referred from ancient times….

    • Until 20th century women in Kerala were free, whether to cover or not cover their breasts. After the invasion of Christian missionaries and Islamic looters, women were forced to cover their breasts. The tax was levied by Islamic and Christian village lords over Hindu women. Hindus respected women’s freedom and there was no incidence of exploitation of women by Hindu community. Hinduphobe Christian Missionaries created this story to humiliate Hindus in Kerala.

    • Proof….?
      Mr.christian bootlicker…
      Even Adam n eve were without dress according to you…
      If that’s likeable n pure to your good..

      Why do you have to complain about breast tax…

  14. But at the same time, it will be necessary to correct ourselves by getting rid of the caste (varna) discrimination and untouchability as practiced by Hindu society at present.

    • you right Ramesh. The biggest problem India is facing is this..Many Indians living outside India understand what is going on in India but not by Indians living in India.

    • What did the whites do to remove apartheid policy?
      Atleast we had jobs based on which we were divided
      But the whites were too superficial that the colour of skin was enough to make them superior..

      Think about how many dark people were awarded internationally …
      They still hold on to their colours.

      If Varna was there, let us learn to respect it…why go defensive?

      Why are the British kings n queens kept in palaces …
      Why don’t they mingle with ordinary people..?
      You have caste system there too…
      Why are they called equal to gods as Lords ?
      Atleast we Hindus don’t call Kshatriyas as Lords… We respect them… But we dont equate them to god…


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