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The lavish lifestyle of Maulana Saad shows that leading a simple lifestyle is only for others

Tablighi Chief Maulana Saad who preaches a simple lifestyle caught with his plush life...

The absconding Tablighi sect Chief Maulana Saad Kandhlawi’s posh lifestyle stands exposed, while he preachers his followers to lead a simple life and stay...
While advocating everyone to keep people employed at full salary, Indian Express does the exact opposite to its own!

Blaming Corona, Indian Express implements huge salary cuts

Preach one thing and do the exact opposite appears to have become the modus operandi of media houses. While zealously reporting the pains of...
Are NDTV claims of victory premature? The Govt has 30-days to issue a fresh notice under the right IT section of the law to realize the tax revenues

SC quashes Income Tax notice against NDTV, citing delays. Says Income Tax may issue...

The Supreme Court on Friday quashed the Income Tax (IT) notice against NDTV citing the delay in filing the case and gave liberty to...