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Are Chrislamists getting bolder by the day in TTD? Is TDP implementing Law and Order unevenly?

Is Tirupati being taken over by Chrislamists?

Tirupati is becoming a hub for Communists and Chrislamists. Seeing their support base dwindle away, they are combining to create nasty incidents. On 14th of...

Part 1: Rakhigarhi was Aryan, Mr. Witzel

The preliminary findings of a DNA study of the skeletal remains of Rakhigarhi dated at 6000 years BP and reported in Economic Times on...
Analysis of the cease-fire for a month and what it accomplished in Kashmir

Kashmir: After another failed cease-fire, what next?

Thank God, the second cease-fire programme has failed. In just a day or two after the “sacred” day of Eid, our security forces will...