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The perpetrators of terror will pay a heavy price

There is little hope

Whatever the Modi regime may do—surgical strikes or heavier response—the export of terror from Pakistan will not cease One would like to believe Prime Minister...
Sabarimala: Zero knowledge of temple

Sabarimala: Zero knowledge of temple: Science harming Hinduism – I

Temple is the house of God established with rules & regulations aimed at giving certain benefits to not just the devotee but to everyone in the vicinity With the...
Who is the Enemy?

Who is the Enemy?

Symptoms need to be addressed through smaller battles that are part of a bigger war against this enemy. A nation mourns being left utter helpless...
Neutralising the enemies within, in Kashmir and elsewhere

Neutralising the enemies within, in Kashmir and elsewhere

What should be done to the internal enemies residing in Kashmir? We have been too soft on them, at the nation’s cost. It’s time...