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Supreme Court frames seven issues that would affect Sabarimala and other religious issues and will be decided by Jul 2020

Sabarimala: Supreme Court commences hearing to deliberate on issues relating to the scope of...

The nine-judge bench of the Supreme Court on Monday commenced hearing to deliberate upon issues relating to the scope of freedom of religion and...
It’s obvious that the Opposition overlooked what these former chief ministers in their official capacity did to hurt the country and the state.

Opposition’s support to jihadists Farooq, Omar and Mehbooba outrageous

The upshot of the Opposition’s whole attack on the Narendra Modi Government was: On what basis, Farooq, Omar and Mehbooba were detained On February 5,...
Why is BJP losing the Red States, where it has a strong foothold?

Red state/Blue state

In the US, there are states which always vote Republican, called Red states and states which always vote Democrat, called Blue states. And cities...