Congress uses a lady journalist to sting PayTM India head

A failed audio sting operation involving PayTM

A failed audio sting operation involving PayTM
A failed audio sting operation involving PayTM

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]I[/dropcap]ndian media has ignored an unethical activity of a lady journalist who tried an attempted sting on PayTM India head Vijay Shekhar Sharma for the Congress party. The lady journalist did something questionable; tried to lead the interviewee by trying to create an impression that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was favouring PayTM and the whole demonetization exercise was meant to promote the Chinese money transfer company. Then the conversation magically appeared as part of a Congress Press Conference!

We are now at the midst of being the core platform that our Prime Minister is running.
– Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CEO PayTM

The lady journalist spoke to Sharma and during the conversation he says “We are now at the midst of being the core platform that our Prime Minister is running.” The clever journalist who unethically recorded the conversation with Sharma transfers this audio clip to her handlers in Congress party. Why is it unethical, you ask? In any interview, the journalist is supposed to preface a recording by saying, “I am recording this conversation…” . Listen to the audio and decide for yourself.

Within a few days – December 15 – Congress Spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi conducts a press conference and distributes the edited audio clip to media. Last time we checked, the audio clip is on the Congress website at Congress party also published the conversation verbatim of the edited audio clip.

Catch News also published the report:

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]his unprofessional act by a lady journalist and Congress party shows the desperation of Lutyen’s gang to catch Modi at any cost. There was nothing wrong in what Sharma claimed – that PayTM is “at the midst of being the core platform that our Prime Minister is running.” Is this proof to implicate Modi? Congress, AAP and Left leaders allege that Modi is promoting PayTM. Or stretching it further by alleging  that some deal was struck between Modi and PayTM… How can such conclusions be drawn based on just one line?

Even though recording a conversation without consent is unethical, journalists sometime do resort to this to break or expose a report of a serious nature. Here the lady journalist gave her private conversation to Congress party. This incident goes to show the lengths to which journalism has stooped down to.

Who is this lady journo? We came to know that she belongs to a reputed business newspaper. We are uploading a transcript of the conversation below  – some may recognize the voice by listening to the conversation. The audio clip is on the two links provided above…

Transcript of the conversation

Full Transcript of the Alleged Conversation between PayTM Founder Vijay Shekhar & a Reporter

Vijay Shekhar:… through another guy talking to them.. and the guy actually clearly denies. नहीं हमने उनसे पूछा…They (Hackers) are saying no.. not yet.. तो आपने किससे बात करी है? किस से बात करी है?

Reporter: किसी भी मतलब? They are the ones .. we spoke to them through the id which they had provided.

Vijay Shekhar: And … I am taking the name.. P___ of FactorDaily?

Reporter: हाँ

Vijay Shekhar: क्योंकि उन्होंने भी यही एक पोस्ट करी थी.. की ये क्या क्या है..तो ..

Reporter: Ya Ya

Vijay Shekhar: उन्होंने तो… They actually had a conversation and they said so..

Reporter: Sorry

Vijay Shekhar: आपसे उन्होंने क्या Line बोली है? PayTM is Looted ?

Reporter: Ya .. and .. this should be…yes thats the exact they said..

Vijay Shekhar: I mean.. if i can tag the call with P____.. or you can know..or you can call P____ if you want to.. he says No..We will talk to them and we are trying to .. another way of trying to it in your (hackers’) plan of cue of things? वो कह रहा है की मैं आगे की बात मैं पूछ भी लेता हूँ extra .. so ऐसा तो नहीं है.. मतलब.. यह तो मतलब.. बड़ा अजीब सा है ! उनको (P___) को तो उन्होंने (Hackers ) ने मना किया है !

Reporter: अब मैं क्या बताऊ विजय ! You know that they are claiming that they are on drugs ..i mean thats why I am calling you right? Its not like that I think … they are saying… this to..

Vijay Shekhar: No No No No No

I will tell you what.. I will tell you what..I understand..

Reporter: हाँ हाँ

Vijay Shekhar: What I can do is.. देखों आप को भी मालूम है की देश में ना Panic सा लगा रखा है… कुछ भी ऐसा काम

And we are right now at the midst of being the core platform that Our Prime Minister is running!  Correct?

Reporter: Ya

Vijay Shekhar: So effectively writing anything about us which is not actually taking a pot shot!

Reporter: Yes, thats why I am calling I have your version as well..

Vijay Shekhar: I get that .. and I also want to tell you

Reporter: हाँ

Vijay Shekhar: हमने अपने systems देखें हैं… उसमे कोई भी.. कहते है न ‘irrational behaviour’, ‘traffic’, कुछ ऐसे चीज़े होते है जब आप यह कहते हो.. की ओह हो… This is the time when actually we were facing the attack.. this is the time when we were .. वो हमारी टीम अभी तक figure ही out नहीं कर पाई है !

Can I tell you one thing?

आप ना एक काम करो… I don’t think so that its something to be very proud of “की मैंने पहली बार छापा” .. This they are telling.. and they will tell to everyone else also..

Reporter: Ya

Vijay Shekhar: They can tweet tomorrow.. and they can do it very publically..

Reporter: Hmm

Vijay Shekhar: May I just request that you hold it tomorrow.. if anything is happening tomorrow.. we will get to know..because they will be calling to someone else also..and this is not something to ..

Reporter: You will have to speak to my editor about this.. I can’t.. take this call now that is the problem

Vijay Shekhar: I know.. I get it.. आप मेरे को अपने editor का… क्या ____ बात करना चाहिए या किससे बात करना चाहिए?

Reporter: अभी तो आप ___ से बात करलो

Vijay Shekhar: OK आप मेरे को उसका नंबर दो..

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