Congressification of BJP

Congressification of BJP

Amit Shah,Congress,Bhakts
Congressification of BJP


  1. The secret objectives cannot be made public at this moment, just like in any chess game, one has to watch the moves, the intent is clear, defeat the opponent & win.

  2. To accelerate the changes in constitution BJP does require more MPs & MLAs to storm the Rajya Sabha. If it is done with that intent, then it is fine. Changing India to a Hindu rastra & strict implementation of Uniform Civil code, banning conversions & other social reforms. The objective supercedes all other wrongs done in achieving it.

  3. Destruction of Italian Nazi Party by any means is OK, AND final solution to Italian streetdogs cannot be applied, better destroy KCR way these leeches sucking Hindus n Bharat blood. Idiot foolish illiterate Hindus always forget history, planting of cross on coins, changing central school emblems to cross n crescent, killing and jailing of Hindu saints on fake rape charges for working with poor n stopping conversions, Inquisition of Hindus vide media, direct telecast of bloody Pope on DD, daily xtian religious programmes of xtians thrust on Hindus, have we forgotten the bloody Meyers ministry and Ankur Narula ministry daily broadcast on DD, Asaram Bapuji, Baba Ram Rahim jailed on trumped up charges, 6 years n no charge sheet till now, the bloody Inquisition, destruction of Ram Sethu, Sabarimalai by Italian conspiracies, attack on Hindus by xtian, pakipanjabi, BANGALI media as all laid whites and still worship white d..
    It’s all OK, The so called Virat Hindus are happily sharing commie, Christian rags like outlook, caravan, the print, and other Italian rags if they are printing crap, fake news againt BJP N NAMO who is always wrong, despite fact that 400 blasts 2004-14 killing 12000 Hindus, just below Iraq torn by civil war n conquistador invasion that time..Some promise to someone?


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