Defeat of CPI(M) Certain

The entry of two hired women is not Vijayan's vijay, but the beginning of his rout

Defeat of CPI(M) Certain
Defeat of CPI(M) Certain

What business did Muslim women have supporting entry of young Hindu women to the Sabarimala temple? Were they forced by the CPI(M) and its Muslim allies?

The CPI(M) and its Muslim and Christian supporters are sadly mistaken if they think they can diminish the importance of Lord Ayyappa and Sabarimala by sneaking in two young women like thieves into the sannidhanam. The faith of millions of Hindus in Ayyappa will only get more reinforced and they will visit the abode of the Lord in far greater numbers from all over Bharat.

Under the guise of implementing the Supreme Court’s (unfortunate) majority judgment, CM Pinarayi Vijayan pushed forward his sick atheist agenda of teaching a lesson to devout Hindus. Today he is targeting Hindus tomorrow he will target Christians by questioning their belief in the immaculate conception and then ridicule the Muslims by laughing at
their belief that 72 virgins are waiting in Jannat for the martyrs.

If Vijayan was so concerned about patriarchal issues then he would not have mobilised thousands of burqa-clad Muslim women to stand on the streets of Kerala on the Sabarimala issue.

This Stalin in a ‘mundu’ should learn a lesson from history. The Russians are pulling down statues of Stalin and spitting on them. They even renamed Stalingrad as Volgograd. Vijayan should know that history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

Brinda Karat said the CPI(M) is preventing Kerala from receding back to the dark ages. It was the CPI(M) which took West Bengal to the dark ages and rightly got kicked out by Mamta Banerji. In any case, Com Brinda should worry about her sister Radhika Prannoy James Roy’s scam-ridden NDTV.

If Vijayan was so concerned about patriarchal issues then he would not have mobilised thousands of burqa-clad Muslim women to stand on the streets of Kerala on the Sabarimala issue. The burqa itself is a symbol of patriarchy. In fact, these Muslim women, acting at the behest of Vijayan, made ludicrous figures of themselves. In any case, Islam does not believe in idol worship. So what business did they have supporting entry of young Hindu women to the Sabarimala temple? Were they forced by the CPI(M) and its Muslim allies?  Anyway, the women’s wall was a laughable exercise compared to the dignified protest by lakhs of Hindu women holding oil lamps.

The entry of two hired women is not Vijayan’s Vijay, but the beginning of his rout. Swamiye Sharanamayyappa!!!

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Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. I am surprised many people including commentators have such short memories. The double speak of Left parties on gender equality should be exposed. Ask them how many female leaders are there in their parties.
    Also ask them about one K R Gowri the senior CPM leader who was a member of the EMS ministry in 1957. She was tipped to become the CM 1996, but was sidelined – was it because she was a lady or because of her caste

  2. Communism is Gone in China, Russia and Vietnam but Certain it would stay in Kerala and Kolkatta as Hindus are ready to annihilate themselves as the Confused Communist ideology is WELL-ROOTED, sunk deep in the minds of Youths and disgruntled men and women ready to kill the so called Corrupt Rich. If you see the history, India is known for remaining ever-disunited, greedy, jealous, angry and selfish. Driven by these negative instincts, they are well known for fighting among themselves for ages. Ruin for India from external forces will come via smooth take over of Kerala, Dravida Nadu from the South, Bangla, Mizoram in the Northeast, Kashmir from the North as Indians do not realize and think far ahead. They will plunge themselves back into Dark ages enticing external forces to manipulate and rule them. Communal, Caste, Creed Clash is the way Country’s Census [booming population] is Controlled. Theory of Self-Regulation, Life Coming a Full Cycle via Self-destruction. Smart Keralites and Firebrand Bengalis are the trendsetters of this India Collapse. What you see now is the Sign and Symptoms of Sabarimala episode at the present time, the trigger for setting in motion the long term mass destruction on its way, the 21st Centruy Pralaya.

  3. Keralites know that they are riding on a tiger represented by cpm.They can neither get down nor continue riding. God only save Hindus in India especially Kerala and bengal

  4. Nothing will happen in Kerala against LDF govt. This govt is doing many things for the people of Kerala. The RSS led communal forces trying to catch the power in kerala through double stand on sabarimala issue, obviously the pro RSS author also try to tarnish the image of Pinarayi vijayan. But you must know the mindset of keralites is always against fringe elements like RSS and NDF

    • Fringe elements are people like you who come from Islamic terrorist organisations kill Popular Front and now in another name SDPI who cut the palm of Professor T J Joseph and its Terrorist student wing Campus Front of India who killed Abhimanyu . And what an irony you lot are loving Communist Pinarayi who is an atheist . There is no one more communal than you people and no one with a brain believes your nonsense . And I am proud christian but I support BJP and RSS . Kerala has become a shit hole because of COMMUNISM and its brain dead supporters .

  5. If a mad bitch enter in your house what will you do? Somehow you will throw the creature out and clean the area . Sabarimala thantri did the same .Temple shut down and cleansing Pooja’s done and re opened for devotees.Morning Pooja’s were delayed by 1 1/2 hours.
    Here in Kerala, a mad idiot sitting on the thrown and directing the mad dogs to Sabarimala. The prestitutes applauding this man’s action.
    Majority of Hindus and other sensible people from other communities suffers.
    Swamy Saranam

  6. All these incidents will be conveniently forgotten at the time of elections. Even otherwise the Hindu vote is not of much concern for these politicians as Hindus are close to less than 50% of total population thanks to relentless conversions by missionaries and jihadist agendas (love jihad) who enjoy all out support from the powers that be.

    Also a large chunk of Hindus are a completely brainwashed lot who along with their family members blindly support the communists. Then there is also the fear of “Apostasy” for anyone leaving the communist party. (They will be the targets of communist sponsored political murders)

    Also long as the people of kerala prefer to remain donkeys, they will continue to send either the corrupt Congress or the Stalinist Fascist Communists to power.

    • that is the fact. we are no more mejority. they can still win because 10% of hindus will any way vote cpm as they have totaly lost the brains


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