Delhi Police ruins Rahul Kanwal’s JNU Tapes

Delhi Police ruins Rahul Kanwal's JNU Tapes

Delhi Police. Rahul Kanwal,JNU Tapes
Delhi Police ruins Rahul Kanwal's JNU Tapes


  1. India Today is a platform for all Anti-India protestors after NDTV. Rajdeep Sardesai is a pak paid journalist who sold his soul to Pakistan

    • It was Modi who sold himself to Pakistan when he visited uninvited Islamabad on Christmas day 2015 hugged, as usual,Nawas Sheriff and touched his mothers feet.

      • Modi had courage to go to Pakistan and take an extra effort for making peace with it when Pakistan didn’t mend its ways modi had courage to smash Pakistan militarily not like the coward Congressmen who did nothing to solve this problem

      • What a distorted way of thinking ? Modi after assuming PM chair welcomed all neighbouring countries including Pakistan for swearing in ceremony. On Christmas day, 2015, Modi approached Pakistan one step extra with friendship offer but Pakistan Military failed to appreciate it like you. Hugging, touching Nawaz Sharif’s mother’s feet are part of Indian culture that is above your head of perception.


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